Bachelorette party on a yacht in Miami

The concept of a bachelorette party

A bachelorette party is a long-awaited and necessary event for every bride. This is the last evening in the status of an unmarried young lady, and it should be unforgettable and very fun, leaving only vivid memories and pleasant thoughts. Bridesmaids can prepare a surprise for the culprit of the holiday by organizing a hen party on their own and inviting her on the appointed day. The main thing is to know what exactly the main character will like and how she dreamed of spending this day. One of the absolute options is a bachelorette party on a yacht.

What to take with you on a yacht in Miami during a bachelorette party

In the USA , it is customary for girls to be dressed in the same clothes or accessories at a bachelorette party, you can order such goods in any online store:

They also take sunscreen, booze, food and a good mood with them.




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Bachelorette party on a yacht in Miami

A bachelorette party on a yacht is the best place to organize this event. For beautiful photos from a bachelorette party on a yacht, you can also think about accessories for bridesmaids and future brides, these are, of course: flowers, decorating the yacht with balloons, champagne and large glasses. After everyone has gathered on the yacht, you can start your vacation. And the beginning will be the oath given by the invited to each other. The meaning of her text is that everything that happens on this day in this place will remain a secret for the groom. In turn, the culprit of the holiday promises to be a good wife, but at the same time to devote time to friends and meetings with them.

Jet Ski when renting a yacht for a bachelorette party

If you wish, we can order a jet ski in Dunbar, where we will stop for swimming. The cost is $ 150 per hour.

To order a jet ski, you must be 31 years old. If you are under the age of 31, you will need to take a drug test. The cost of the test is $ 120.

To order, you will need an identity card or passport.

Our instructor will show you places where you can drive fast-more than 5 miles per hour.

Rules for managing a jet ski:

  • Mandatory wearing of a life jacket when driving a jet ski;

  • Skiing in places where people swim;

  • You can't order a jet ski after drinking alcohol.

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The direction of the yacht during the bachelorette party