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Our route

Our itinerary got brimmed with breathtaking scenery and lots of fun! Besides, you can customize your program to elevate your boating experience. A standard 4-5 hours itinerary would appear as below:

Tour the mansions of Millionaire's Row on a yacht in Miami

Star Island in Miami 

We sail from Miami Beach. Our departure and the route as well commence from the address 300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. The first island where we will perch is called Star Island. This man-made island got built near Miami Beach in the first half of the XX century. Since then, it has managed to become a place of residence for many celebrities. Even though there is a guarded gate at the entrance to Star Island, everyone can get there. 

Local guides even conduct organized excursions showing the houses of stars like Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Will Smith, Matt Damon, and Sylvester Stallone. The streets are public, but each homestead with its individual territory is certainly a private property, and the observance of order here gets monitored very subtly. The mansions are better perceptible from the water. Therefore, throw a thought about a yacht trip around the island that we provide. We are the owners of a colossal PRESTIGE luxury yacht of 60 ft named Aristocrat. That, according to our observations, is one of the highest. Located on the flybridge, we will be able to observe all the beauty of star island. Almost every famous and wealthy person attempts to have real estate here. However, currently, there are only 32 mansions established.

Star island.jpg
Star island.jpg
Star island.jpg
Star island.jpg

Flagler Memorial Island

If you have booked a yacht for only 2 hours, we can offer you a trip to Flagler Memorial Island. In the case of booking a Jet Ski in advance, you can make it to half an hour, swim, dance, listen to music, and have a great time. From our location, this island is a 15-minute drive away. This memorial got dedicated to Henry Flagler, a railroad and oil magnate. The island is entirely uninhabited and used as a popular holiday destination from the restless city of Miami. In the center of the island, there is an obelisk with a height of 34 m with Allegorical sculptures, the fundamental attraction of the Flagler Memorial Island. You can get here both by private boat and charter. Flagler Memorial Island got covered with vegetation. You can take a walk along the boulevard of tall swaying trees or sit at your leisure and relish the natural, soothing landscape. It is one of the best islands in Miami, where you can enjoy the wildlife and flora to a great extent.

Flagler Memorial Island
Flagler Memorial Island.jpg
Flagler Memorial Island.jpg
Flagler Memorial Island.jpg

Venetian Islands

The Venetian Islands are a chain of artificial islands at the north of Palm Island, Hibiscus Island, and Star Island in Biscayne Bay that are parts of the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. The six islands connected by the Venetian Causeway are Biscayne Island, San Marco Island, Di Lido Island, San Marino Island, Rivo Alto Island, and Belle Island. The Venetian Islands have numerous majestically landscaped luxury waterfront homes, furnished with luxurious details, offering breathtaking views of Biscayne Bay and the Miami skyline. So, many people from all around the globe have found this tropical paradise. Moreover, it still attracts rich people preferring an elegant, relaxing island lifestyle where they would love to return over and over again. If you have booked a yacht for 4 hours, the route continues. From Star Island, we are moving towards the Venetian Islands. They follow the same route as the old wooden Collins Bridge built in 1913 to develop Miami Beach. It is home to many famous people as Donald Pliner, Philip Frost, Al Capone, Don Johnson, and others

Di Lido Island

The Island of Di Lido is the third island to the east of the Venetian Islands, a chain of artificial islands in the Bay of Biscayne in the cities of Miami and Miami Beach. Between the island of San Marino and the island of Rivo Alto, there are residential areas and part of the Venetian Road.

Famous people who have real estate on this island are:

  • Arne Queens;

  • Barbara Becker;

  • Paulina Rubio;

  • Susana Jimenez.

Key Biscayne island

When you drive along the scenic Rickenbacker Road to Key Biscayne, you will leave the mainland and enter a subtropical paradise near the coast. Key Biscayne is an oasis of sandy beaches, nature reserves, and restaurants with magnificent views. The coconut plantation got once owned by the Matheson family, who donated 800 acres of land to create what is now Crandon Park. The dominant beauty of Key Biscayne got preserved for everyone. Moreover, it is a natural place for boating and water sports.

San Marino Island

Since its creation, the island has been home to many wealthy residents, including celebrities. San Marino Island is a private community full of luxury Miami Beach homes. The exquisite houses on the Miami waterfront and luxurious Miami mansions, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, are situated on the island of San Marino. The residences on the island of San Marino get distinguished by large and luxurious spaces, spacious enough even for a few celebrities who wish to remain anonymous. La Gorce Country Club is just a short walk away, has incredible attractions such as a world-class golf course, tennis, a public swimming pool, and a relaxing club.

Hibiscus island

Furthermore, there are such islands as Hibiscus Island and San Marco. Luxury homes on Hibiscus Island incorporate a pearl built by Ralph Choff with a Koi Pond, a cinema, a wine cellar, a roof terrace, a waterfront masterpiece with porcelain and oak floors, unobstructed views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami skyline, a heated infinity pool and a stunning modernist enclave on the water with spacious suites and unsurpassed sights of the southwest sunset. Along with all the residential amenities, Hibiscus Island also offers top-notch security and privacy for all its residents. Indeed, it is the perfect combination of natural beauty, architectural genius, and access to urban life. The famous DJ Khaled lives here, owning a chic house worth $ 34.5 million.

San Marco island

Marco Island is called the gateway to the Florida Everglades. Also, the Everglades National Park is just a few minutes drive away from there. The Everglades National Park occupies a massive territory almost all the way to Miami. It is the second-largest in the United States among all the national parks of America. The famous Holiday Inn Club Vacations hotel is situated there.


Sun bar in the Marine Stadium area

After a review of the islands, we stop at the Sun-bar in the Marina Stadium area. The stop takes 2 hours. Jet Ski gets booked in advance that is now attaining enormous popularity while renting yachts in Miami. We provide high-quality music and a water mattress, as well as a Prestige luxury yacht, with a large flybridge and a deck from which you can dive. There are several areas on the flybridge and a dining room where you can enjoy delicious drinks, dancing, sunbathing. The stop at Sun-bar is the best place to enjoy the scenic beauty around having a good rest. The people who already booked our yacht were very impressed by the sun-bar and the incredible views of Miami Beach. As a rule, several of the yachts stop at Sun-bar. If you have booked double at once, they can be parked here, and you can enjoy a joint holiday. The route to Sun-bar takes an average of 40 minutes.

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PRESTIGE '60 FLYBRIDGE (16) (1)-min.jpg

Miami Port Cruise

After a halt at San bar, we go towards Dodge Island, sailing past Downtown, where the greatest skyscrapers are located, striking in their beauty. Dodge Island is well-known for its world-famous ship terminals. They are among the best and most modern worldwide. They should be, as they need to accommodate more than 6.8 million cruise passengers and their luggage in a fast, safe and efficient way! The port serves 55 different cruise ships from 22 distinct cruise lines each year.

The Dante B. Fascell Port of Miami is a seaport located in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, United States. It is connected to Downtown Miami by Port Boulevard, a bridge over the Intracoastal Waterway. The port located on Dodge Island combines three historic islands (Dodge, Lummus, and Sam's Islands) that have since remained integrated into one. It got named in honor of 19 terms Florida Congressman Dante Fascell. As of 2011, the Port of Miami accounts for 176,000 jobs leaving an annual economic impact on Miami of $18 billion. It is the 11th largest cargo container port in the United States. In 2010, a record 4.33 million passengers traveled through the Port of Miami. One in seven of all the world’s cruise passengers initiate from Miami. Based on CLIA data on passenger traffic for 2016, the cruise port of Miami ranked first in the world (4.898 million people). It follows the enlistment of the busiest cruise ports worldwide with annual passenger traffic of more than 1 million passengers.

Miami Port Cruise
Miami Port Cruise1.jpg
Miami Port Cruise.jpg

Fisher island

Approaching the Marina, we sail to Fisher Island. This island is renowned for having the most expensive ZIP code (index) on the globe. Whoever owns real estate here is considered one of the most affluent people in the world. This picturesque oasis of luxury and comfort is breaking records for the concentration of billionaires and multimillionaires per square meter of territory. Its beaches got covered with white sand from the Bahamas, palm trees and orchids from the South Pacific grow on green alleys, and the service got so developed that even flamingos, toucans, Macao, and other exotic birds living in cages have their own servants. As Fisher Island does not connect by a bridge, you can only get there by the water. For these purposes, there is a ferry running around the clock, departing from Terminal Road. Luxury residences with apartments ranging from 340 sq. m. and costing from $700 thousand to $20 million have got constructed on Fisher Island. Besides, it is worth remembering that since the island is private, you cannot sail here without an invitation. So, if your friends or relatives are not on the list of the club residents, the only way to visit here will be to rent a luxury room in a local hotel where the price for an overnight stay sometimes is more than a thousand dollars. If you want to settle on the Island of Billionaires, you have to be a member of the closed Fisher Island Club. Thus, you must pay an entrance fee of $250,000. But that is not all. To attend the club events and entertainment venues, you will have to pay membership fees regularly. Hence, this, for a moment, is $20,651 a year. Homeowners on Fisher Island transfer from $20,000 to $50,000 a year for a condominium and pay $22,890 to local public organizations. Residents of this island can invite-only up to 6 people. It is home to many celebrities as Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts, Mel Gibson, and others. 


It is the conclusion of our tour. For 4 hours, we were able to observe the beauty of Miami Beach, perceive with our own eyes several of the most famous islands in the world, go Jet ski, get acquainted with the cargo terminal on Dodge Island. We were happy to share these impressions with you and hope to see you on our premium luxury yacht again.

What is included in the complex of our cruise

  • Luminous LED panel (RGB) - inside stateroom. We can put any information for you.

  • Bluetooth speakers ( Speakers are everywhere!!!). 2 speakers in front of the boat, 2 speakers behind the boat, inside and on the flybridge. Do not bother to bring your speakers. We got everything ready for you!

  • Stand up Paddleboard; Large floating water area; Inflatable water toys; Kitchen, cabin, and bathroom; Cooler filled with ice; Bottle of water; Soda; Adults and children life-jackets


  • Nice mood;

  • Towels;

  • Sun cream;

  • Bathing suit;

  • Change of clothes;

  • Hat -Sunglasses;

  • Prepared food and drinks - Alcohol allowed (no red wine please;

  • Side dishes, snacks, etc.;

  • Plastic dishes, paper plates, napkins, and cups. Casual boat outfits. Bathing suit, towel, change of clothes. It is best to walk to the boat barefoot. All cruises can accommodate up to 13 people. If your group is over 6 passengers, the terms of the Bareboat Charter apply. If you are unfamiliar with the term ‘Bareboat Charter’, do not worry, we will explain it to you and ensure your cruise is legal. The yacht raises at 300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139.

Additional Services Available:

Jet Ski - $ 150 per hour. Ask for a quote. Please ask after booking for additional services. Adventure awaits.

REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY We refund 100% of your money if:

  • A trip may get canceled within 7 business days of the scheduled date.

  • SAME DAY CANCELLATION IF there is a 90% chance of rain or more (Average during your rental period) considering the Miami Beach location. BASED ON GOOGLE WEATHER APP ONLY.

  • ON DAY CANCELLATION IF Winds 30 mph or higher on the day of the rental. (Average during your rental period) based on Miami Beach as location. BASED ON GOOGLE WEATHER APP ONLY.

  • In any other case or situation, it will require both parties to agree on a fair term

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