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Best location

Best Location In Miami 

Our yacht is located in the very center of Miami Beach, on the largest South Beach. It is on the 7th place in the World, it is the most famous and huge in Miami Marine.  

The beach is under greatly supervised, all the rules of sanitary safety are carried out regularly. If the beach is closed, you won't be able to visit the yacht as the marina is under surveillance. This is to ensure your safety as guests. 

The Best Cruise And Charter In Miami 

Always check your booking to see where the boat is located. For example, one boat is located in Haulover Beach Park, and you will only see a sun bar. Other boats, you will see palm trees. On South Beach, you will see Star Island.  

You may think that from Haulover Beach, you can swim to Star Island or to other places, but it will take 2 hours by boat, and even 20 minutes by car.  

You will lose the hours of the day, and you will have to book a yacht for 8 hours.  

Leaving on our boat, we will immediately take you to the famous islands. Fisher Island, Star Island, Marco Island, Miami Beach, Sun Bar, Marine Stadium, they’re all reachable with us. You can watch large skyscrapers, you can ride on jet skis, the beauty is incomparable. You spend more time on the islands or sail to them. 




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Advantages Of Our Location

  • Massive Parking Lot;

  • Ease Of Access ;

  • Visit All Of The Islands;   

  • No Time Wasting;

  • Beautiful Scenic Views.

South Beach In Miami 

South Beach is home to the most famous restaurants and hotels, such as: 

  • Seaspice Brasserie & Lounge;

  • Kiki on the River;

  • American Social; 

  • Fontainebleau Hotel Marina;

  • Brickell.

Our charter sails through Star Island, where famous celebrities are known to live. You can see the houses of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jackie Chan, and many other stars. It’s common for famous people to pursue real estate there.  

We also sail through the Venetian Islands, then onward to the San bar in the Marine Stadium area. This is where we stop, so that you can swim, jet ski and have a good time.  

Afterwards, Dodge Island passes by, where the largest cargo terminal is located. It is world famous. Then, we sail to Fisher Island,  the most expensive zip code in the world. One of the richest people in the world owns real estate on this island, and you get to see what money can buy you when you have lots of it.  

Next, we pass downtown, where you will find huge skyscrapers.  

If you book a yacht, you will find yourself in incredibly beautiful places. This way, you do not waste time on the road, and you can immediately go sailing whilst enjoying your holiday! 

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