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Yacht rental cost in Miami

2 hours


3 hours

$ 2,250

4 hours

$ 2,550

6 hours

$ 2,950

8 hours

$ 3,250

What is included in the yacht rental price?

When renting a yacht, be sure to specify what is included in the price. Are tips or gratuities included? The owners send the price list without tips and then they can charge you, but you won't know. Always clarify this information! When renting the luxurious yacht "Aristocrat", your package of services will include:

1. Rental yacht. The yacht is new, luxurious, huge, ready for parties. It has a huge flybridge divided into several zones: dining, dancing, sunbathing, and bathing.

  • The flybridge (a spacious second floor) - 2 guest cabins each with 2 berths 

  • A saloon (living room) - a spacious air-conditioned roomwith 2 large leather sofas and 2 leather armchairs that seat 13 people. 

  • A kitchen - 2 refrigerators. Bathroom - shower.  A TV in each cabin. A BOSE sound system operable in all areas, including the second floor of the flybridge and at the stern. 

  • Swimming aids - a paddle board, water toys, and a large water flow. 

2. A captain. For the charter period you will get a licensed captain who knows the route around Miami And has all the necessary documents and sailing experience of over 30 years with a license approved by the coast guard.

Many people ask to combine stag or hen parties with other yachts where there are representatives of the opposite sex. Our captain knows where such places are and will take you there safely.

The captain has all the documents for the legal management of the yacht, and you will not have any problems during the charter.

3. A professional stewardess. Before the charter we will offer you to familiarize yourself with the list of stewardesses and you will choose one. She will be your main assistant during the charter. Many offer an assistant captain, which is how they deceive you. After all, the captain's assistant does not perform the functions of a stewardess.

The stewardess will clean up after you, pour you drinks, bring food and clear the tables, follow your child, help to set up the LED panel, tell you about the route, help you book a jet ski, and much more. She will not interfere with your enjoyment, but if anything happens, she will always be there to help you.

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4. Fuel. We have a route that the yacht follows and the consumed fuel is paid from the cost of your charter. The yacht can be booked for 4, 6, and 8 hours.

The route through Miami includes a detour past the islands world-famous for the most expensive zip code and the fact that famous people from around the world buy mansions there.

The yacht consumes fuel during your charter for which a fee is charged when renting a yacht.

5. Water mattress. It can easily withstand up to 13 people, and you can peacefully lie or sit on it. It is an integral part of your charter. When we stop at the sun bar where you can swim, dive, or ride a jet ski, everyone uses our airbed as another way to have fun.
An airbed allows you to swim in Miami,  sit, drink, dance, or lie down. It is a great way to have fun with your friends.

5. A Paddle board. You can ride it with a girlfriend and arrange a beautiful photo shoot. We stop at the sun bar where there is an opportunity to swim, dive from the yacht, lie on an airbed, or ride the board.

Our guests are very fond of the airbed and rowing board. We provide Drone Gay for shooting your party, and the most beautiful photos are taken on the board. You will get unforgettable emotions riding on the board, relaxing on the airbed, and on a jet ski. And the incredible views of Miami will complement the picture.


6. Water and ice. Water and ice are an integral part of the charter. Many people like to drink soft drinks or alcohol, and it is problematic to carry ice on the yacht. Don't worry! We will take care of this.
We also buy water to have in stock for later. When the weather is sunny and hot, you can't be without water. We take care of our customers, hence this is included in the charter price.

Many people like to drink champagne and we often rent the yacht for birthdays, so this drink is an integral part of your celebration. And what would champagne be without ice, especially in hot weather?

7. LED panel. A LED RGB panel is installed on our yacht, the Aristocrat Prestige 60 ft, for  displaying any information such as your holiday date, birthday, bachelorette party, anniversary, etc.  

You can order an inscription with a name and a greeting. The display is customized to your taste with your text. It has brought pleasure to everyone who has rented a yacht from us. In honor of the holiday and the person for whom the party is arranged this is an additional embellishment included in the cost of renting the yacht.

What is not included in the boat rental price?

Rent Jet Ski



$ 400


$ 500

We have already talked about what is included in the cost of renting a yacht, and below is a list of what you will need to pay separately we talked about what is already included in the cost of renting a luxury yacht, and below is a list of what you will need to pay separately if you want a separate service (or what is not included):

1Alcoholic beverages and food. You can bring any drinks and food to the yacht. If you order a boat, the cost for 13 people will be $ 500 by our approximate calculation, but you can buy alcoholic beverages and food yourself and bring it all to the yacht.
2. Jet ski. If you want to rent a jet ski, write to us 2 days before the charter and we will book it for you. There is a huge demand for a jet skis on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and you could be left without it. The cost is $ 150 per hour.

Warning! If you order a jet ski, keep in mind that, for example, your charter starts at 4 o’clock and it takes 30-40 minutes to get to the Sun Bar. While we turn around you will change clothes and pass some more time. Therefore we order the jet ski in 1 hour. Those who rent jet skis have a schedule, because there is a huge demand for them on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. And your jet ski is already booked. In that case you can't be late for the charter! If you ordered a jet ski and were late, for example because one guest got lost and was late, he can deprive you of the jet ski, but imagine that you ordered not one, but 3 and made a 50% payment.
So be very careful! The jet ski will not be possible to reschedule as everything can be booked, and your money will be wasted.

3. Decorator. You can bring your decorations to the yacht before the charter. If you do not want to decorate the yacht yourself, you can order a decorator. Please note that on Saturdays and Sundays we have 2-3 charters in a row, so there may be no time left for decorating. If you want to order a decorator, tell us in advance when booking so that we can allocate time or inform you that there is no time and it is better to look for an alternative




Best Deal

4 hours


6 hours

$ 2,950

What is forbidden to take with you on a yacht?

Our yacht is suitable for various types of parties: boat parties, bachelorette parties, birthday parties, bachelor parties, anniversaries, etc. We always meet our customers halfway, allow them to take alcohol on the yacht, offer water toys, turn on loud music, etc. Below is a short list of what is prohibited:
1. Red wine. If the wine is spilled on the yacht, it will be very difficult to clean, so this is the only drink that we prohibit.
2. Dogs
3. More than 13 people on board. According to Florida law only 13 people are allowed on luxurious yachts.

4. Loud music to be turned on in the marina at times of sailing and arriving, because the police watches this.

For you! If there are no more than 12 people on board, we provide a free Drone Gay. He will photograph you throughout the charter and store all the files on a disk, which is a unique opportunity to plunge into your festive atmosphere again and get great shots for your social networks

Get 10% less discount for Monday-Thursday

2 hours


3 hours

$ 2,025

4 hours


6 hours


8 hours


Calculate the time correctly during a charter in Miami

People often ask us to pick up a group of people from a certain place. It is of course not difficult for us to do, but you will waste time. We were asked several times to pick up from the Fontainebleau Miami Beach 5*. The journey on the yacht takes 30 minutes, and those 30 minutes are included in the charter time. Thus instead of 4 hours you’ll have only 3.5 hours left.
Let's say the charter lasts from 4 to 8pm. We arrive to you at 4:30: pick up, go along our route, swim, have fun, enjoy the incredible views of Miami Beach, but the charter will have to end 30 minutes earlier because we will have start going back at 7:30 to return to the hotel at 8. The parking time is taken into account for another 10-15 minutes. And the charter turns out to be 2 hours and 40 minutes, because it takes 10 minutes to the parking lot and 10 minutes back. And the trip to the hotels and back will take a total of 1 hour. Therefore think about it in advance and if possible, it is better to get to the pier : 300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139. It is opposite the world-famous Star Island from where you’ll immediately start the route. You can see your route here. If you go from the hotel, you will not see all this beauty.

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The full prices of the charter at the conclusion of the contract

Luxurious yachts can go on a cruise if they have a BTR and comply with the rules of the Bareboat Charter. According to the law when booking a luxurious yacht, a contract for the provision of services is concluded in which the cost of the charter is prescribed. There you can see the cost of the yacht, which is $ 1,550 and $ 1,000 separately for the stewardess, captain, and fuel. Before booking you make a $ 500 deposit, and you will take the remaining $ 2050 to the yacht and pay it to the captain.
You are given a choice of a stewardess and a captain, who are included in the price. Before the charter we will send you all the information about the stewardesses and the captain, and you tell us who you would like to see on board.
The cost may vary depending on what day you book the yacht. The cost is 10% lower on weekdays.

What payment method do we