on a yacht in Miami

Bachelorette party

on a yacht in Miami

Bachelorette party concept

"Bachelorette Party" or "Bachelorette Night Out" is a common term in the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland and Canada. The terms "Chicken Party" or "Chicken Night" are used in Australia and New Zealand. In South Africa, "Girls' Party" or "Kitchen Tea" is used. Bachelorette party has been a term used for and by women since the Middle Ages and has its origins in a wide variety of fields.

The first mention of a “Bachelorette Party” dates back to the early 17th century and in the 19th century, there were references to girl-only parties. However, they had nothing to do with weddings, to which they are commonly associated with in the modern day. Instead, the bachelorette party was simply a gathering of women, often over tea, food, and music. Before it was used as a term for a pre-wedding party, bachelorette party was used in the United States as a general term for a women's gathering, usually held at the hostess's house.

In 1897, the Deseret News, one of the US’s oldest newspapers noted that the bachelorette party was "the time-honored idea that tea, chatter, clever gossip and hats are a necessary addition to these particular gatherings."

In 1940, Eleanor Roosevelt, one of America’s first ladies and wife to President Franklin D. Roosevelt was noted to have organized a Christmas bachelorette party for women in the cabinet and the press.

The bachelorette party is deliberately modeled after the centuries-old bachelor party, the male variation, which itself historically represents a black tie dinner party featuring the groom, and sometimes his father, with friends right before the wedding.

Bachelorette Party organization

Bachelorette parties are female only. As a rule, they are organised before a wedding with bridesmaids but they can also be acquaintances. These girls are responsible for organizing the event but the bride can also participate in the planning if she desires. The head bridesmaid has to find a venue for the bachelorette party and organize everything.

Although the hostess usually pays for the entertainment, in most English-speaking countries, the costs of the event are usually borne by the participants. Whether the bride-to-be pays for her share, or the share is divided among other participants, it is determined by the organizers and the bride-to-be in the early stages of the planning process. More often than not, all participants in the celebration pay for this event.

In America, a pre-wedding party is more romantically called a bachelorette party or a bridal shower. As time has progressed, girls have moved away from the standard celebration of tea drinking in the bride's house or outdoors in the garden. In these modern times, girls love to  go out and celebrate their bachelorette parties by partying in clubs, visiting beauty salons, or even renting a yacht.

The girls here love pink and prefer their attire and decorations to be this colour for use in their bachelorette parties. For example, bridesmaids would perhaps wear pink hats or T-shirts and flood the bride with pink gifts.




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Bachelorette Party Ideas

A few days before the wedding, the bridesmaid arranges and organizes a bachelorette party. Then the question arises: What’s the best place to have a good time? The best options in the US are:

● A Yacht Party;

● Spa Treatments; Shopping Trips; Camping; Going Clubbing; Weekends Outside The City; Attending Classes Like Yoga; Party Bus Rentals; A Get Together with Champagne and Wine; Beauty Salons.

There are plenty of options available but when planning a bachelorette party, it’s important to take into account the preferences of the bride, the number of guests, the budget and much more.

Bachelorette party on a yacht
bachelorette party
bachelorette party

Bachelorette Party on a Yacht in Miami

For many bridesmaids, having a bachelorette party on a yacht is an exciting option. In 2021, it’s actually the most popular type of celebration in the United States. You can go on a cruise, snorkel, sunbathe, water ski, swim and take in great ocean views. Don't worry about not having fun, the captain and staff are on board to make sure you have the best time possible at your bachelorette party!

During the bachelorette party, the bride and bridesmaids can enjoy drinking champagne on deck and chatting whilst surrounded by ocean and warm weather. This is the perfect way to have a great time with your closest friends before your wedding and make cherished memories for the rest of your lives.

Bachelorette Party Gifts on a Yacht in Miami

The USA has its own modern traditions when it comes to a bachelorette party, such as the bride and her bridesmaids wearing one item of clothing of the same color.

The online store, https://www.amazon.com/, offers a huge selection of gifts for spending time together at parties, some idea being:

● Joint swimsuits6 Pairs Of Matching Caps For The Bride And Her FriendsA Selection Of Veils For The Bride To Stand Out Among Friends At A Bachelorette PartySunglasses For Sunbathing On The Deck And Looking Good In Photos;

Cosmetics Bags For Sunscreen Or Small Accessories;  A Set Of 7 Glasses For The Bride's Drinking TeamBachelorette Party Decoration SetsWine Glasses And EvenIdentical T-shirts.

In the meantime, don’t worry about gift or party ideas. We’ve got you covered.

Bridesmaids World 

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Bachelorette party on a yacht


Bachelorette party on a yacht


Bachelorette party on a yacht


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Bachelorette Party Games on a Yacht in Miami

In addition to partying on a yacht, snorkeling and water skiing, girls often like to play various games at a bachelorette party. Below is a list of games that we recommend playing:

● "Never Have I Ever..." - Bachelorettes take turns to name one interesting fact from their lives. The ones who have done the same thing, take a drink.

● Bachelorettes print out sheets and bring them to the party. On the sheets are pieces of information about themselves. Guests are then asked a question to see if they know the information. In some variations of this game, there are several options: you can check your phone based on the questions or ask return questions like what you could do on a bet and so forth, etc.

● Guess Who is a game where the names of famous people are written on numerous sheets. The bachelorette’s then attach the sheet to their foreheads and the player, using various questions, must guess who is on the sheet by asking questions.

Bachelorette Party Invitations on a yacht in Miami

Bachelorette party invitations are just as important as wedding invitations. The bachelorette party organiser needs to determine the exact number of guests, organise the venue and determine the address, and indicate what the party goers should take with them. If this is a yacht, then it can be a swimsuit, sunscreen and glasses, a towel and, of course, a good mood.

Would you like to spend a party on a yacht in Miami?

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Where to celebrate a Bachelorette Party?

Based on the above information, we can conclude that the best place for a bachelorette party is a yacht. All you need to do is book it for a certain number of guests and arrive in a great mood. The onboard staff will do the rest for you. Yacht charter in Miami is the most popular destination because Miami Beach is located nearby, where the girls go on a cruise the most. Many people come to Miami from other cities to celebrate the holiday, mostly from:

● New York; Los Angeles; San Francisco; Boston; San Diego; Chicago; Las Vegas; Dallas; Philadelphia and others.

Luxury Yacht Prestige ‘60 fit Flybridge «ARISTOCRAT»

New Luxury yacht Prestige ‘60 fit Flybridge “ARISTOCRAT” is for charter from the owner directly!

On our yacht you can go on a cruise and see the incredible landscapes of Miami Beach, Star Island, striking mansions, cruise ships and the enchanting silhouette of downtown Miami.  See Miami as you sail across the bay.

Usually we cruise around with some stops for a few hours for a sanbar in the Marine Stadium area, where our guests have the opportunity to swim and dive from the yacht.
You can also book a table at restaurants as Kiki on the River or Seaspice Lounge and go on our yacht to a restaurant!
The yacht is rented for 4, 6 and 8 hours!  The boat is located - Miami Beach Marina (South Beach) 150 Alton Rd Miami Beach.
You can rent a yacht for 13 people, but the yacht can accommodate a lot more people.  We will rent out a boat for charter, we will selection of a captain and a stewardess.
We offer jet ski and catering for additional fee.

On our yacht Yacht Prestige 60 fit you will have access to:

- Flybridge (spacious second floor); 2 guest cabins. Each guest cabin has 2 berths; saloon (living room) - a spacious, air-conditioned room with 2 large leather sofas and 2 leather armchairs for 9 people; kitchen; 2 refrigerators; bathroom with shower; TV in each cabin; BOSE sound system in all areas, including on the 2nd floor of the Flybridge and at the stern of the yacht; paddle board, water toys and a large water flow.

You can rent this yacht for night or day trips in Miami.

Reviews can be viewed here https://www.aristocrat.miami/all-reviews

RENTAL PRICE depends on the date on which you want to book a yacht, so please write personal messages if you are interested in the rental price.

Would you like to book a yacht? Call us:

+1(754)802-9086 in English; 

+1(404)955-1283 in Spanish / English;

+1(754)465-4857 also WhatsApp / Viber (in Russian). 

How many guests can I invite to the yacht?

According to the law of Florida, regardless of the size of the yacht, it is allowed to accommodate 13 people. There are yachts that allow you to accommodate more, but they do not correspond to the luxury class, you will have to stand or sit, they belong to the excursion. Yachts that can accommodate more than 13 people in Florida are subject to such strict rules that it is structurally impossible to remake it, it will no longer be a luxury. Therefore, it does not matter what size the yacht is, even if it is 125 fit, you can accommodate a maximum of 13 people and the same number of guests can be accommodated on 25 fit. Therefore, when choosing a yacht, it is necessary to take into account not its size, but the internal condition: the old or new interior.
New yachts are considered from 2013-2014 and depend on the conditions in which the yacht was operated for the entire period from the moment of its release, so our 60-fit yacht has 6 zones where guests can stay.

  • Frontline yachts. It has pillows and 2 isolated zones that can accommodate 5 people:

  • An area where 2 people can sit;

  • 3 people lie under the canopy.

  • The Flybridge zone includes 2 zones: one with pillows where you can sit and sunbathe, the second includes a space for dancing( dance floor), a table and a sofa that can accommodate 8 people.

  • Outside on the ground floor, there can accommodate 5 people at a table and on a sofa.

  • Saloon room – an air-conditioned area that comfortably accommodates 9-10 people, plus there is a kitchen.

Thus, it does not make sense to rent a yacht of more than 60 fit, because a yacht of 60 fit allows you to accommodate more than 20 people according to the factory characteristics, but according to the law, only 13 are allowed.
If you have more than 13 people on a bachelor or hen party, and you want to spend time with a large number of guests, in this case, 2 yachts are rented, we can provide you with this service.
When we pass the sunbar in the Marine Stadium area, where you will swim, we will park 2 yachts together, and you will be able to see your friends on one of the two yachts and spend time together with everyone, more than 13 people. You can also arrange a dance event, who will dance whom, this is a popular idea when holding a bachelor or hen party. If you have up to 12 people on one of our yachts, we can invite the Drone Guy to shoot your party for free, as a gift.

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