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Yacht license in Miami

How Do You Avoid Spoiling Your Holiday When Renting A Yacht In Miami? Determining A Legal Or Illegal Yacht Charter

If the owner of the yacht you plan to travel on, or the captain, tells you before the start of your journey, that you should inform the inspection authorities (being the Coast Guard of the Police) that you’re their best friend, you didn’t pay money, and you’re riding for free, it’s more than likely that your charter is illegal. This could bring a swift end to your trip and ruin your holiday. 


If the owner, or captain, does not have a license (BTR), they’re trying to earn money illegally, plain and simple. It’s extremely difficult to get a BTR license, as you need to pass several checks by state inspection bodies, but they are essential to ensuring your safety.  The inspections include making sure it’s easy to access the rescue equipment on the yacht, (life jackets, GPS navigation, etc), and that the operability of the yacht control systems are working as they should. Also, to get a license, you must have an insurance policy. All of this is aimed at the safety of you on your trip.

Before travelling, always be careful. Check whether the owner has a BTR license. If there is no license, the charter is illegal, especially in Miami. The vessel can be stopped by the Coast Guard or police officers, who can then impose a fine on the owner of the yacht $2000 or more. Before renting, make sure that the owner of the yacht has an armored personnel carrier. This is very important! Why Is It Important? Imagine this scenario: You have not requested a BTR from the owner of the yacht, and he doesn’t have a license. You’ve posted on Instagram with your 12 friends, you’ve bought a lot of food, several boxes of drink, called a decorator, you’re happy with all of your balloons on the Marina and the yacht, uploaded stories and broadcasted live on your Instagram, and all of your friends envy you in anticipation of your trip on a yacht for your holiday. 


You approach the rented yacht and meet with the captain. He helps you board the yacht, with a smile on his face. All of a sudden, the inspection authorities board the boat and begin to check the captain's documents. As a result of the check, it turns out that the charter is illegal, as there is no BTR license. Your charter in Miami is cancelled immediately. The captain, with their head bowed, tells you that they can't do a charter today because there is something wrong with the documents. 


At this moment, you, your friends, your food, your balloons, your dry towels, your several boxes of unopened drinks, are all wasted. With a bad mood, you have to go home angry and dissatisfied, on your birthday. All for one reason. You didn't know that you needed to check for a BTR.  This situation is actually a very common one. We’ve seen, and observed, this situation many, many times.

We have an APC license, so it is guaranteed that your charter will happen. Our yacht, and our company, have passed all the checks by the state inspections in Miami, Florida. If you request a document from a charter company, and they do not send it to you in a BTR, this means that your trip is in question. No one talks about it, and no one writes about it anywhere. 


This is how everyone wants to make money, by misleading you. This is important and deserves your attention. You can view our BTR on our homepage. Also, BTR’s can only be obtained by companies that have insurance for several million dollars. All the companies that received the APC have passed fire inspection, coast guard inspection, marina inspection, city inspection.  Trust in us when we say that this is additional insurance and confidence that we are certified, by the city, to perform these charters in Miami.

How else to determine an illegal charter!

There are additional signs to determine the illegality of a charter. We hope they will help you to avoid unpleasant, and unexpected, surprises during your trip. If you have paid a deposit and the yacht owner, or broker, does not send you a Bareboat Charter Agreement, this is a red flag, and it may mean that the owner cannot officially carry out the charter for one reason or another. 


Therefore, after you have made a deposit, ask the broker or owner to send you said charter agreement, which will act as a confirmation of payment, and a guarantee of your trip.




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