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Catering on a yacht

Catering on a yacht in Miami 

If you order catering from a company, it is very important to coordinate the delivery time with them, because, for example, you have booked a yacht for 10: 00 a.m., a charter from 10: 00 a.m. to 2: 00 p.m., you order 15 minutes earlier, they are always late in Miami, your vacation can turn into a waste of time, you may not get full pleasure. Catering should arrive exactly at the time when the charter is ordered. Imagine that catering was an hour late. All the guests have gathered, the yacht is ready to depart, the yacht will be waiting under the contract, regardless of when the catering arrives, your charter is already in the process. A charter for 4 hours costs $ 2500, $ 625 per hour is a delay in your meals on board, on the yacht. This means that you will only use the charter for 3 hours. If you ordered a jet ski, and catering was 2 hours late, you will no longer be able to ride it. Take into account the fact that everyone is late in Miami, especially on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. You will have to give up food or charter, you can just stay without a vacation. It is important to discuss everything with the catering companies and find out the location of the catering, you need to specify the place where the food will be delivered from, if they are late, the holiday will be disrupted

Food storage when renting a yacht in Miami 

We need to decide on the food. The refrigerator is limited in the storage of food. You don't need to order a lot of ice cream, the refrigerator has a limit and the food can spoil. If you have catering contacts, you need to understand that not all companies will be able to prepare food for you, someone likes Mexican food, someone Japanese, you need to clarify everything what kind of food you can provide. We give the contacts of those people who are not late, so that you can order directly from them. If customers were dissatisfied with this service, such contacts are on our blacklist.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Catering On A Yacht Is Better Than In A Restaurant

If you are a romantic, imagine this scene. You will go to a restaurant, and you will probably spend an average of $600. You can order a cook, an assistant, and a waiter, who will make you a meal on a yacht. Not only that, but you will get great pleasure having lunch with a loved one, on a yacht, as this is a very popular service. But no one knows that it will be the same for the cost.  

Imagine that you are sailing along the bay. You’re being served, and romantic music is playing. The chef will prepare the food you ordered and serve you throughout your charter. 

Shopping In Miami When Renting A Yacht

If the catering company is far away, and you do not want to take risks, then there is a grocery store on the Marine, where you can order sandwiches and other things. Just keep in mind that there are long queues on Saturday and Sunday. You can ask us for a contact, you can call there, and they will deliver food to you. No traffic jams. This organization is located on Marine and it is very convenient and safe. You will not be late anywhere. 

Water Taxi When Renting A Yacht

When you order catering, please make sure that there is no red wine. We do not allow red wine on our yacht as if it spills, it can not be washed and cleaned.  

In addition to catering, you can bring your own food and alcohol. This is a good alternative for catering as you can choose what you want. Keep in mind that you will be swimming, and the food may run out, so always take it with a reserve.  

If you ordered a charter on Saturday or Sunday, for example, for 6 hours, you can have the opportunity to use a water taxi, we can provide contacts who can buy and deliver this food to the yacht. It’s worth specifying the work schedule of a water taxi in advance. 

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