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The Condition Of A Luxury Yacht In Miami 

We’ve purchased a new 2016 model yacht, with a mileage of 400 hours, at 60 ft tall. Compared to competitors, their yachts are 2000, 2005 and 2008 models. As of now, there are very few yachts that are 2016 models.  

We use our yacht as a hobby, instead of commercial use, so our yacht is in very good condition, as you can see from our photos. You can determine the condition of the pillows and the flybridge. Also, there are 3 control systems: on the flybridge, the interior, and rear of the yacht, and we also have a top of the line BOSS music system.  

The yacht is serviced every week, meets all safety measures, has passed the Coast Guard inspection and is serviced by an official dealer. 

The Internal Condition Of The Yacht When Renting 

Here we will offer you some advice! Before choosing a yacht to rent, be sure to look at the interior. Usually, you will see only the external condition of the yacht on the listings, so make sure to pay extra attention to what is inside.  

If you see crumpled pillows, or a semicircular design of furniture, it means that the yacht is not new. Imagine that the photos were taken for advertising. If you see shortcomings in the photos, then these shortcomings will be several times worse in real life, because no one posts bad photos, and some don’t post them at all.  

For charters, yachts of 2008 are used, at most, 2010 with the old design, because the main goal is to sell their charter. If you see a carpet in the yacht, then it has problems with the interior view. Pay attention to the condition inside the yacht if you want to surprise your friends, colleagues, etc. to make sure you’re satisfied to be in an old yacht.  

The interior salon always tells you what condition the yacht is in and what year it is. Pay attention to the steering controls of the yacht itself, you will be able to determine from the photo and compare, it doesn’t take an expert to determine a new or old yacht by these signs. 




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