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Best party boat Miami

How to Choose the Appropriate Party Boat?

Before renting a yacht in Miami for a party boat, discuss and get confirmed with the owner or broker whether it is suitable for this event or not. It must get checked because not all owners and brokers allow parties on their yacht. It happens as you will drink, dance, have fun that can harm the yacht platform. Our yacht is suitable to rent for parties or any of your holidays. We will provide examples below of how to choose the right one for a party boat.

While Choosing a Boat for Parties, Pay Attention to the Location

Our company is located near the Marina Stadium that is an absolute advantage while renting a yacht for a party boat. If, for example, you choose one with a location on the Miami River or Haulover Park, it is far enough away from famous islands and beautiful sights. The best place is the Marina Stadium, where you will see majestic skyscrapers. It is an open space that will allow you to turn on loud music, dance, and have fun. If the owner or broker has a yacht in the Miami River or from any private pier, you will have to get at least half an hour away to a place where you can turn on loud music, dance, and relish yourselves. Besides, imagine if you rent a yacht for 4 hours, you will dissipate an hour or more just in the way there and back. So, pay attention to where the boat actually gets located.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Speakers on a boat party Miami beach

Make sure to the fact that there are speakers on there. It is imperative while booking a yacht on a party boat. If they already have speakers, you do not need to bring your portable speakers that greatly complicates your holiday. There are not always sockets and other power sources on the yacht, and if your speaker runs out, you will get left without music. What is a party without music? You also have to consider that the yachts are large and divided into several zones, and now suppose if different music gets played on each zone, it will create a link among inconsistent sound streams. If you want your holiday to be great as the guys from our videos, we advise you to book a yacht with speakers only.

Here is an instance of what a yacht looks like without speakers and with speakers. They are usually located in the front area or on the flybridge. On the left is a yacht without speakers and on the right is ours.

party boat in Miami.webp

We are constantly improving at your convenience. Previously, we did not have speakers on the yacht, and we received plenty of negative remarks from customers. The speakers formulate a festive atmosphere by 50% and set the mood. We took into account all the wishes and spent a considerable amount on the purchase of speakers, after which, customers leave our yacht happy and satisfied.

Flybridge on a party boat

Before overpaying and booking a yacht, pay heed to the photos of different yachts and observe how many people get quietly accommodated in different zones, especially on the flybridge. There are several areas on our flybridge: for dancing, a dining area and for sunbathing. Yachts that have a massive flybridge get designed for parties. If you see a photo with little space on the flybridge, that yacht is unlikely to get suitable for a party boat. It facilitates limited capabilities. Be assured to compare multiple options, and if there is no platform where you can dance, sunbathe, drink and eat, that yacht is certainly not appropriate for a holiday.

party boat in Miami.webp

A platform for a DJ on a party boat

We have a platform where you can place a DJ. There are double seats for him: on the flybridge, so as not to interfere with dancing, also downstairs. DJ in an open area is mega cool. You can dance, listen to music, and have fun. There is a lot of space for everyone. There must be a space to place DJ equipment in different zones. He will choose where it will be more convenient for him. We have Bluetooth, a boss system. There is a power supply and a cable that can get carried to the flybridge

LED panel on the party boat

If it is a birthday, bachelorette or bachelor party, or any other celebration, any at all, there is a LED panel on our yacht where you can launch your congratulations. We will be able to capture incredible emotions when you see congratulations addressed to you on there. You would not even believe, every client who sees this inscription flashing gets exceedingly delighted. You have to give it a thought in advance what text you would like to write on the LED panel: your name, the name of the holiday, etc. The running line will complement your holiday with this LED panel. You must confirm ahead of time, and we will set this LED panel up for you.

party boat in Miami.webp

Places to join a boat party

When a party boat takes place, we know places where you can listen to loud music. Also, many people ask us to dock two yachts side by side. It can get observed at a stag or hen party. If you have a bachelor party, we will find the yacht where the bachelorette party takes place and dock you there or vice versa. We get very often asked for a bachelorette party to connect the boat next to a bachelor party. The captain knows beforehand where you can park it for extra fun.

High-quality video shooting on a party boat

A good party bot cannot function without high-quality video shooting. We will tell you how to produce a magnificent shooting. If you are up to 12 people, our Drone Guy and photographer can find zones for you for free and take free photos that will remain with you forever. It brings about an incredible emotion to receive pictures and videos with beautiful views and genuine reactions after your party. We love to facilitate guests with a spectacular holiday. Every time we listen to your feedback to improve our yacht for your holiday, it immensely appreciates us. We also offer discounts to returning clients who have already rented a boat and took a service from us.

Alcoholic drinks on a party boat

Before renting a yacht for a party boat, acknowledge with the owner or broker whether it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages to the yacht as many of them prohibit it. They do it so that you do not spoil the yacht platform. However, your mood and holiday are crucial to us. Therefore, we allow you to bring any alcoholic beverages except red wine. We want you to enjoy your party to the fullest and reminisce it for quite a long period as well

What is included in the price of the boat for the party

Renting a yacht for a party for 4 hours, you pay $2,550 for: luxury yacht rental, a licensed captain, a professional stewardess, water, ice and soda, a water mattress, a rowing board, taxes and a deposit.
Renting a luxury yacht Aristocrat, you get high-quality speakers for your party that will play music throughout the yacht, both on the first floor and on the third. Since the yacht is huge, this is a big plus at your party.
For an additional fee, you can purchase:
1. Jet ski, the cost of which is $ 150 per hour. When stopping at the san bar, you can order a jet ski, which adds positive emotions to your holiday.
2. Catering. Food and drinks are not included in the yacht rental price, except for water and soda. Therefore, you will need to take care of food and alcohol for your holiday in advance. If there are 13 people on the yacht, then this is about $ 90 per person.
3. Decorator. If you have a birthday, bachelorette party, anniversary or any other holiday, you always want to decorate the yacht in a special way, so they resort to the help of a decorator who will decorate the yacht for every taste and color. If 13 people chip in, then you can spend $ 30 on a decorator.

4. Photographer. If you are having a party on a yacht, it would be a great solution to invite a photographer who will capture incredible shots. Our route goes along Miami Beach, we sail the world-famous islands, such as: Star Island, Fisher Island, Dodge Island and others. The photographer will be able to take unusual shots on a luxury yacht and with beautiful views. 40 $ / person

5. Rent yacht. Our luxury huge yacht costs $ 2550 for 4 hours, from Monday to Friday there is a 10% discount on the cost of renting a yacht. The yacht Aristocrat has 3 floors so that you can have a great rest! There are many different areas: dance, dining, DJ, sunbathing, to relax in the cabin and others. The yacht has speakers, an LED panel, a water mattress, a rowing board, a huge flybridge, a professional stewardess.

party boat in Miami.webp

Yacht rental price for party boat

A boat for a bachelorette party in Miami

Practically the most popular charter with us is a yacht for a bachelorette party. A bachelorette party is a wonderful holiday that you want to spend especially. There are a bunch of options for exactly how to celebrate this event. If you have chosen a luxury yacht in Miami, you are on the right track!
We have everything for your cool vacation! Speakers that play music all over the yacht, and we have a huge one. You will have a specially designated place to relax (2 bedrooms), a dining area (guest), where all the girls will sit quietly at the table and will be able to enjoy alcohol, delicious food and play various games.
The cost of this charter for 4 hours is $ 2550;
For 6 hours – $ 2950;
For 8 hours – $ 3,250.
Additional expenses may include only renting a jet ski – $ 150 per hour, catering - $ 90 per person, swimwear and accessories for competitions - $ 40.

bachelorette party on a yacht.webp
drone 1st card (11).JPG

Birthday yacht in Miami

The first in popularity is a birthday charter! A birthday is a holiday that you want to celebrate especially, and if it's also an anniversary, then you definitely turned to that company! We are always happy to book birthday charters, because all the guests are very creative and always decorate the yacht in a different style. For such holidays, we keep the numbers of good decorators who work with us not for the first time and decorate the yacht for your party.
Speakers, LED panel, professional stewardess, new clean luxury yacht, incredible views of Miami, delicious food and alcoholic beverages will make your birthday unforgettable!
The cost of a charter for 4 hours is $ 2550; 6 hours – $ 2950; 8 hours – $ 3950.
Additional expenses: decorator $ 30 per person (if you have 13 people); rent a jet ski $ 150 per hour.

rent yacht in Miami.webp
rent yacht in Miami.webp

Yacht for anniversary in Miami

An anniversary is always a long-awaited holiday. It can be a birthday anniversary, an anniversary of living together, a wedding anniversary and others. This is a very warm holiday, which, as it is correct, takes place in a circle of close people or alone with your significant other. Luxury yacht rental is the best solution for your holiday.
You can order catering on a yacht, where under the beautiful views of Miami, your favorite dishes will be prepared for you. We have a free service – Drone Gay, which will be able to capture touching and cute moments from your holiday.
The cost of a charter for 4 hours is $ 2550; for 6 hours - $ 2950; for 8 hours - $ 3250.

Precautions on the yacht for guests

When renting a yacht for your party, it is important to know what precautions you need to know and what cases may occur on board. We are always for you to have fun, but we also care about your safety, so before the charter you need to familiarize yourself with the following precautions:

  • Know where the fire extinguisher is located in case of unforeseen circumstances;

  • Do not distract the captain while the yacht is moving;

  • When approaching the parking lot, do not block the captain's view;

  • During the movement of the yacht, it is necessary to be very careful and it is better to wait for a stop

  • During the movement of the yacht, do not dive overboard, we always stop at a specially designated place where we can swim and dive;

  • Know where the life jackets are located;

  • Since you are having a party and you will be drinking, you need to move around the yacht very carefully;

  • Smoking in designated areas;

  • If you feel unwell, please inform our flight attendant;

  • If you move around the yacht while moving, always hold on to something;

  • Do not smoke while starting the engine, refueling, or near hazardous materials such as fuel incinerators.

FAQ when renting a Party Boat

What to wear private boat party in Miami beach?

It all depends on what kind of party you have planned. Themed, bachelorette party, bachelor party, anniversary, etc. Always take something from warm clothes with you on the yacht if your charter falls in the evening. Also be sure to take comfortable shoes. And everything else depends on your party.

How to throw a boat party?

In order to have a party on a boat, you need to think about the following few things:

  • Think about the number of guests you would like to see. Different boats can accommodate 13 people, then 25, and some even more. Therefore, before you start planning parties, decide on a yacht and study how many guests are allowed and what is included in the price.

  • Divide the budget and distribute which of the guests is responsible for what. Think over the food and drinks, the theme of the party, what to take with you, whether to use additional paid services.

  • Decide on the theme of the party and prepare yourself using a decorator or your imagination. You can make cocktails in your theme, decorate the yacht like that, pick up the same clothes for everyone, download music, etc.

Our boat is designed for parties, so we provide speakers, water toys, a stewardess with a bartender's kit will be with you, we will take you to places where you can dive, swim, ride a jet ski.

How to rent a best party boat Miami?

Explore all the boat options, some boats are provided for business meetings and a regular trip to beautiful places, and some specialize in parties. You can also write to the owner or broker of the yacht and find out if parties are allowed on board. If you have found a suitable boat, they always leave a contact form, email or phone number, contact the owner, name the desired date, the name of the party and the number of guests.

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