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How to Choose the Appropriate Party Boat?

Before renting a yacht in Miami for a party boat, discuss and get confirmed with the owner or broker whether it is suitable for this event or not. It must get checked because not all owners and brokers allow parties on their yacht. It happens as you will drink, dance, have fun that can harm the yacht platform. Our yacht is suitable to rent for parties or any of your holidays. We will provide examples below of how to choose the right one for a party boat.

While Choosing a Boat for Parties, Pay Attention to the Location

Our company is located near the Marina Stadium that is an absolute advantage while renting a yacht for a party boat. If, for example, you choose one with a location on the Miami River or Haulover Park, it is far enough away from famous islands and beautiful sights. The best place is the Marina Stadium, where you will see majestic skyscrapers. It is an open space that will allow you to turn on loud music, dance, and have fun. If the owner or broker has a yacht in the Miami River or from any private pier, you will have to get at least half an hour away to a place where you can turn on loud music, dance, and relish yourselves. Besides, imagine if you rent a yacht for 4 hours, you will dissipate an hour or more just in the way there and back. So, pay attention to where the boat actually gets located.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Speakers on a boat party Miami beach

Make sure to the fact that there are speakers on there. It is imperative while booking a yacht on a party boat. If they already have speakers, you do not need to bring your portable speakers that greatly complicates your holiday. There are not always sockets and other power sources on the yacht, and if your speaker runs out, you will get left without music. What is a party without music? You also have to consider that the yachts are large and divided into several zones, and now suppose if different music gets played on each zone, it will create a link among inconsistent sound streams. If you want your holiday to be great as the guys from our videos, we advise you to book a yacht with speakers only.

Here is an instance of what a yacht looks like without speakers and with speakers. They are usually located in the front area or on the flybridge. On the left is a yacht without speakers and on the right is ours.

party boat in Miami.webp