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2 speakers at the front

Speakers Are The Key To A Successful Charter!

Speakers are one of our most important features on our yacht. According to our observations, 100% of people who come to our yacht, do so to have fun, and enjoy their vacation. So we value high-quality music as it is an integral part of any trip.  

We don’t get asked about our speakers. Everyone looks at the prices and the size of the yacht instead. If attention is paid, you would notice the dynamics on the front zone of the yacht. This is a huge area that can comfortably accommodate 13 people. This is one of the most popular areas when vacationing on a yacht. 

Speakers On The Front Of The Yacht

The front zone is a huge area that can comfortably accommodate 13 people. This is one of the most popular areas on our yacht. Imagine the moment you arrive to a yacht, ready to take in the incredible view of Miami, you are driving the yacht, and you have no music. This can become a huge problem. When we started our charter business, we didn't have speakers, and because of that, we received complaints from customers that there was no music.  

When renting, immediately see if there are speakers on the yacht by checking their photos. You can check ours to verify to existence of our speakers. During the trip, you will enjoy high quality music. You will have fun, see skyscrapers and you can enjoy the Miami ocean at your leisure. 




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Portable Speakers Instead Of Speakers On A Yacht? 

You will have to turn on music on your phone through a portable speaker. Please note, that our yacht is large and has several zones. Now imagine if different music is playing everywhere, how it would sound. Even if you bring your portable speaker, we will not be able to carry it. You would have to carry it with you where you go. It can also discharge, spoil the yacht, and cause damage. Many owners will not them on their yachts. 

Speakers play a huge role during your charter. We’ve paid a lot of attention to our customers and haven taken into account all of their wishes. We know that the availability of our speaker columns will bring a big plus. At least 2 speakers will let you have a lot of fun during the trip. A maximum of 4 speakers are offered. You may not think it's important, but believe us. it's important. 

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