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Professional stewardess

What Is The Difference Between A Mate And A Stewardess?

If you order a yacht from a broker or owner, be sure to specify what is included in the cost of your services. Many provide a mate so make sure not confuse it with a stewardess.  

A stewardess performs a more extended range of service than a mate does. The mate only serves as the first assistant of the captain. During the charter all he will do is untie the ropes when you leave the pier, help to park, tie the fenders (mattresses), and assist the captain in which direction to move.  

The mate will not make drinks, clean up after you, bring drinks or converse with you. If you are provided with a stewardess, you will 100% be served. This is very convenient when booking a large yacht such as ours.

Package Of Services Of A Stewardess On A Yacht

On our yacht, the distance from the kitchen to the flybridge is large. A stewardess will run to the kitchen for you, get ice, pour and cool drinks, attend to breakages and also spills.  

She will tell you everything you need to know and will be your personal, or group, assistant. They can also tell you where the islands are located throughout the route, and assist you  with adjusting it. The stewardess will have extensive experience and knowledge.  

They also have the same duties as a mate, tieing the fenders of the water mattress and helping the captain to park. But at the same time, she will converse with you and your friends. The stewardess will always keep order as you generally won't know what is on the yacht or where drinks and other things are. 




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Choosing A Stewardess For A Yacht 

According to the bareboat charter, the client is obliged to choose a stewardess and a captain from a list of offers. We can inform you about each stewardess, things like what language she speaks and what work experience she has.  

We wish to make sure you have the best vacation possible, so we will recommend to you the best options. When signing the contract, we will advise you, answer all your questions, and offer the best options for a captain and a stewardess for your holiday. We are responsible for your safety and good mood. Feel free to count on us. 

Rules Of Sanitary Safety When Renting A Yacht

All of our stewardess’s are carefully selected. All have experience working in restaurants, as bartenders and waiters.  

According to bareboat charter, we send the contract, and you will see a list of stewardess that you can choose from. It is mandatory for all stewardess to be vaccinated, have proof that they are vaccinated, and undergo a medical examination. You don't have to worry about sanitary safety regulations. 

Advantages Of Our Stewardess When Renting A Yacht 

All our stewardess have the right to engage in  activity on the yacht and you can always ask if the stewardess is legally working on the yacht.  

There is a high chance that your charter may be stopped, due to the fact that the stewardess will not be able to work on the yacht or in this country. Always clarify everything. We will provide you with all the information as we are a high-quality service.  

Since there are 6 zones on our huge yacht, the stewardess will assist you, converse, bring drinks, cut  cake, and light candles You will not  be distracted from your event and neither will your guests. You will be very comfortable, and we will make sure of it, as you have come to this yacht to have fun and relax. The stewardess will complement and help you enjoy your trip during the charter.  

It is very important to check with brokers, or owners, whether there is a stewardess available. According to our forecast, only 5% of 100, in the Miami market, provide stewardesses on board. 95% of charters provide a mate. In order not to be disappointed in the charter, specifically ask who will be there. Not everyone can make drinks from tequila!  

The stewardess has bartending tools that will help make quality drinks on our yacht. We are very careful about the type of services that we offer, so can take care of you whilst you relax, and enjoy your trip.

The Abilities Of A Stewardess When Renting A Yacht

1. They Will Look After Your Child. 

If you have booked a yacht with children, don’t worry about it. The yacht is a place of high security, so a stewardess is always included in our package of services. It is impossible to refuse it. There is a specially designated recreation room where your baby, or child can be accommodated. The stewardess will turn on cartoons for them and spend time with them. 

2. Pour Drinks.  

Prepares cocktails professionally, as they have a bartender's kit. 

3. Orders Jet Ski’s.

Before you go on a cruise, and if you wish to use one on your charter, you must book a Jet Ski in advance from the stewardess. She calls the owner on the phone and rents one for a certain time. 

4. Helps The Captain.

They assist with parking, tieing fenders on a water mattress, and anything else they require. 

5. General Duties.

Brings food, cuts cakes and lights candles. 

6. Client Care.

The stewardess will keep up your good mood, adjust the music as required, operate the LED panel, and much, much more. 

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