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Professional stewardess

What Is The Difference Between A Mate And A Stewardess?

If you order a yacht from a broker or owner, be sure to specify what is included in the cost of your services. Many provide a mate so make sure not confuse it with a stewardess.  

A stewardess performs a more extended range of service than a mate does. The mate only serves as the first assistant of the captain. During the charter all he will do is untie the ropes when you leave the pier, help to park, tie the fenders (mattresses), and assist the captain in which direction to move.  

The mate will not make drinks, clean up after you, bring drinks or converse with you. If you are provided with a stewardess, you will 100% be served. This is very convenient when booking a large yacht such as ours.

Package Of Services Of A Stewardess On A Yacht

On our yacht, the distance from the kitchen to the flybridge is large. A stewardess will run to the kitchen for you, get ice, pour and cool drinks, attend to breakages and also spills.  

She will tell you everything you need to know and will be your personal, or group, assistant. They can also tell you where the islands are located throughout the route, and assist you  with adjusting it. The stewardess will have extensive experience and knowledge.  

They also have the same duties as a mate, tieing the fenders of the water mattress and helping the captain to park. But at the same time, she will converse with you and your friends. The stewardess will always keep order as you generally won't know what is on the yacht or where drinks and other things are. 




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