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How long is an average charter on a yacht?

While resting on the seashore, you can visit a variety of beaches of the resort, visit nearby islands or spend time in a quiet bay on the water. And all this without checking out from the main hotel.
Moreover, if you want to arrange a noisy party with friends or acquaintances, or, on the contrary, to retire and relax from the noise of the city, you can use a yacht rental.

Features of yacht charter

Most often, yachts are rented weekly. This is due to economic benefits. As a rule, the start of the charter begins at 5 pm on Saturday, and the yacht is handed over to the owner at 9 am the next Saturday.
It is also worth remembering that cleaning and various customs costs are also paid by the customer.
The number of guests on the yacht is limited. This is due to the carrying capacity of the vessel. When renting a yacht, you can travel alone, but you cannot invite more people than specified in the contract with you.


There are some indulgences at berths, but while the yacht is sailing, the conditions must be fully met.
By the way, if you wish and travel alone or as a couple, you can rent not a whole yacht, but only a cabin in it. It will be much cheaper this way, but you will have to share the ship with other people. Our travel calendar has a large number of cruises and hikes planned for every taste. This is a great option for those who are just getting started with yachting, are studying at a yachting school, or just want to have a good rest.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Yacht management rights

Renting a yacht without a crew is both cheaper and much more romantic. Rest without strangers, alone or with loved ones is much more attractive. But for such a lease, special certificates of the international standard are required, in other words - the rights to operate small boats.An important aspect of finding a yacht for rent is the beginning of the search itself, namely the start time. We recommend renting a yacht for at least one month in advance. So you will be able to choose exactly the yacht that suits your taste. Moreover, the choice will be from the price category. And by making an advance payment, you can be sure that your yacht will wait for you on time.

Additional payments (options) when renting a yacht

This criterion must be taken into account when choosing and comparing yachts in different charter companies. Because the amount of insurance deposits, the list and cost of additional services and options in each company are different. For example, the cost of renting a yacht can be 500-1500 euros for the same yacht model (manufacturer, year of manufacture, size, equipment) in one company is lower than in others. But when considering additional options, it may turn out that this company has a very high cost of additional options that must be paid and taking these costs into account, the cost of renting a yacht will turn out to be even higher. Or, they don't offer services as important to you as deposit insurance or wan wei.

Where to go on a yacht

Having your boat (even if it is rented) is the maximum freedom of choice. Where to go on a yacht for rest is up to you. There are dozens of proven tourist routes, both in countries and cities, and in exotic places, but they are only recommendations, deviating from them - you can create your adventure.
When choosing or planning a route on a yacht, there are several important things to remember:
Time of the year - it is worth planning a route in those places, continents, and countries where the weather is most favorable and the sea is calm;
Borders and fairways - no need to think that sea travel will remain invisible to the regulatory authorities of different countries.

Budget charter companies, like in the premium segment, "sell" their fleet long before the start of the season, and the only chance for those who realized late is last minute booking, which is announced two to three weeks before the start of the charter season. A 15% discount is often offered, however, this indicates a problem with the yacht. Because if a good ship is suddenly vacated, there will be demand for it, and there is no point in reducing the price.

The yacht is considered reserved after signing the contract and making an advance payment (50% of the charter cost). One month before the start of the cruise, you need to pay the remaining 50% and make a deposit to cover the current expenses during the charter - Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), the amount of which is 30% of the charter price. This money is used to pay for services not covered by the contract, for example, operational expenses for organizing fishing, coastal transport, excursions. The captain of the yacht controls the amount, upon completion of the charter, he provides a full report and returns unspent funds.

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