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How much to rent a yacht in Miami?

How much does it cost to rent a yacht, which affects the cost of renting a yacht, and what additional costs must be taken into account when renting a yacht. In this article, we have collected all the factors that need to be considered to calculate the budget required for renting a yacht. The main conditions that affect the price level of yacht rental are the time of year, the yacht region, the model of the yacht, and the range of additional services that the charter company offers when renting a yacht.

Yacht travel is becoming more and more popular. Surely, you or your friends have already rented a yacht and you know that the price is comparable to a stay in a hotel. But at the same time there is freedom of movement and organization of your own unique route.

What can truly diversify your vacation? Just going to the coast is a very interesting and useful activity, but already boring. If you want to add variety to your vacation, then yacht charter in Miami will be a real boon in planning your vacation.

Miami is one of the best destinations in the world for a yacht, boat, or speedboat trip. Go fishing. The mass of canals permeating the city will not allow the route to be repeated. A boat in Miami for locals is an ordinary, mass entertainment. Renting a boat in Miami is an inexpensive pleasure.

While in Miami, be sure to check out Villa Vizcaya, a Renaissance palace that houses an impressive collection of European art and antiques. Holocaust Memorial, Police Museum, Space Center and, of course, the National Park (Miami Everglades National Park), which is one of the largest natural parks in the United States, Most of it is covered with swamp, and you can also go by boat, or see a panoramic view of a helicopter.

Miami and entertainment for children! Miami Metrozoo, Miami Seaquarium, Parrot Jungle, and Monkey Jungle. The beaches in Miami Beach are one of the first places where tourists rush to go when they arrive in Florida! Florida's tropical climate makes Miami Beach an ideal destination for sunbathing or water sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing, and wakeboarding. Summer never ends in this sunny corner of the USA!

South Florida is the yacht capital of the world and is therefore the preferred choice for a charter yacht. Miami, the most famous and promoted resort on the US East Coast, can be the starting point of your trip, and it is quite possible that you will not want to leave it. Miami is a popular holiday destination for celebrities from around the world, famous for its beaches, vibrant nightlife, and amazing beauty of tropical landscapes. After spending even one day on a yacht in Miami, you will feel that you are in the place of an eternal summer paradise and you will want to come back here again.




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4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Yacht charter

Renting a yacht in Miami gives you a unique opportunity to relax for all tastes, ages, moods, and preferences. You can choose a relaxed walking format and relax on the deck enjoying the views. You can please yourself and your loved ones with active leisure activities - ride jet skis or paddleboards, dive with a mask, ride from inflatable slides. With any choice, the crew will fulfill your every desire and make your vacation as comfortable and safe as possible. If you are looking for a budget yacht charter option, then we recommend that you organize a trip with friends and share the costs.

What is the price for yacht rental?

Early booking. If you plan a sea voyage in a year or six months, you can save money.

A type. The price for renting a sailing vessel is cheaper than a motor one. Renting a catamaran will cost more than yachts of the same length and year of manufacture. The most economical option is renting a cabin or a place in a cabin.

The yacht model and size are also important. Think about where and with whom you will be sailing, what kind of experience you have, and decide if you need a 50-foot cruiser or a 40-foot regatta boat.

Year of issue. It is not always good to take the freshest yacht - it is offered at a much higher price, but it can have problems of "out-of-service". It is better if the chosen boat is more than five years old. And 10 years old promises you significant discounts, but unpleasant surprises are possible.

Duration. The regular cruise runs from Saturday to Saturday. If you sign a contract for two weeks or longer, you get a discount. In some countries it is possible to take a boat for six or less days, but at a higher price.

With or without crew. Bareboat charter is the most popular and economical. 12 Knots offers thousands of bareboat sailing yacht charter options. Motor boats are mostly rented with a captain / crew.

A country. Rental prices depend on the scale and condition of the fleet in this country, the cost of parking, fuel and other factors.

The starting / ending point of the cruise also matters. Round-trip routes are always cheaper than van-way tours.

Additional services and options. Affect the total cost of the charter and additional options. Some can be discarded, while others (final cleaning) cannot be discarded. Always read the document carefully

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a day?

The cost of renting a yacht in Miami for a day is $ 8,500. Depending on the time of year, the cost may vary. We offer discounts and individual favorable conditions to our regular customers.

How much does it cost to rent a yacht for a week?

Rent a yacht for a week is $55,000. Please note that the price includes a licensed captain with crew, fuel, cooler, ice, water and soda.

How does the region of yachting affect the cost of renting a yacht?

The most budget options for a yacht charter in the Mediterranean can be found in Greece and Turkey. In high season, the cost of renting a 3-cabin yacht 40-42 feet (11-13m) in these countries varies between 1500-3000 euros per week, depending on the model and year of manufacture of the yacht. The highest cost of renting a yacht in the high season (July, August) is in the Balearic Islands and Croatia, from 3000 euros.

Among the "winter" yachting regions, the lowest cost of yacht charter is in the Canary Islands. Prices for renting a 3-cabin yacht in December-January (excluding the New Year's holidays) from 1500 to 3000 euros. The highest price level for a yacht rental is in Thailand.

How the rental price depends on the yacht model

In the modern world, there are a huge variety of yachts of different sizes, styles, and technical capabilities. The most popular class of yachts for charter are yachts from 30 feet (10m) with the optimal level of comfort for long-distance travel. For all types of yachts that are offered for rent with a captain or bareboat, certain criteria affect the rental price. The main ones are the yacht's year of manufacture (the newer - the more expensive) and the size of the yacht (the larger - the more expensive). New yachts (not older than 3 years old) are 15% more expensive than yachts 4-10 years old.

Yacht rental price including discounts

In the price list of charter companies that offer yachts for rent, prices are indicated for a 7-day yacht rental period. This is the so-called base value because the minimum rental period for a yacht is 7 days. There is a standard system of discounts for yacht charter, which is used by almost all charter companies. Also, depending on the workload, each charter company may offer additional discounts for certain dates.

Additional payments when renting a yacht

1. Additional services offered by charter companies

The yacht charter contract usually includes only the cost of renting the yacht itself, with all the basic equipment and inventory found on the yacht. Also, there are additional services offered by charter companies when renting a yacht, which must be paid already at the base, when accepting a yacht - yacht cleaning, bed linen, outboard engine for a dinghy, etc. Certain additional services are mandatory for payment, for example, yacht cleaning. Some services can be selected at will. Each charter company has its list of additional services.

2. Insurance deposit for the yacht

When renting a yacht, it is imperative to leave a security deposit for the yacht. It does not depend on whether you rent a yacht on your own (bareboat) or with a captain. The yacht insurance deposit is the deductible of basic yacht insurance. Thus, the person who leases the yacht is liable for breakdowns and damages on the yacht up to the amount of the security deposit. All subsequent costs are covered by the insurance company. The amount of the security deposit depends on the size of the yacht. So for a yacht of about 40 feet, the size of the security deposit is about 2000-2500 euros.

3. Fuel

The yacht for rent is provided with a full tank of fuel and, accordingly, it is also necessary to return the yacht with a full tank. On an average 40ft boat, fuel costs per week are around € 150-200. It all depends on how often you go sailing and on the engine. Sailing is always pleasant and much more economical.

4. Meals on the yacht

The amount spent on the purchase of food and drinks for the yacht directly depends on the wishes of the crew. If the plans include meals onboard in the form of snacks only, and the main breakfast-lunch-dinner are planned in restaurants, this will be one amount. If visits to restaurants are not welcome and the main meals are on board, this will of course be a different amount. On average, with a combination of meals onboard and in restaurants, the amount for food for a yacht for a weekly cruise by a crew of 4 people varies around 300-500 euros.

5. Yacht berths

Regardless of the region and the charter company for yacht charter, the first and last day of stay at the yacht club is included in the yacht rental price. All parking in yacht clubs along the route of travel on a yacht is paid additionally. The order of prices for the anchorage of a yacht 40 feet - 30-80 euros. Quite often, you can do it without going to yacht clubs. You can stop at the bays on the piers that belong to restaurants.

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