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Owner yacht

Advantages Of Owning When Renting A Yacht 

We own this yacht through our company, this is very important. This means that we work without brokers. The advantages of being an owner is that we can be flexible in pricing, can adjust your booking time, make concessions for you, know our schedule and can orient ourselves according to our own capabilities.  

If you rent from a broker, the broker can break the yacht and not tell the owner, and you’ll only find out about it when you arrive. The owner can always orient you according to their schedule and pricing. The broker will never call the owner and ask for a discount, and the owner can always give you discounts on the following charters.  

It’s better to depend on one person than on several. Keep in mind that there are several people between an owner and a broker. 

The Difference Between A Broker And An Owner When Renting A Yacht 

According to our observations, there can be around three people between the owner and the broker. This can increase prices and wind up. Mutual understanding between time and rent may be lost If you rent from the owner.  

You can find out if this is a legal charter, by talking directly with him and discussing everything. The owner will always make concessions, adjust your charter to an earlier time, or later, and will understand you and help you.  

It is a huge advantage to work with the owner than with a broker. Brokers will more than likely have a lot of clients ,and will not be able to respond immediately. You can pass important information to the broke, something like inviting a decorator, and there’s a high chance that the broker will simply forget to pass this information on, due to their large number of charters. Because of this, you may encounter an unpleasant situation.  

If the yacht is operated by an owner, he will immediately tell you whether there is time for a decorator, if there are breakdowns or not, and if there is a license or not. This is very convenient for you, and the pricing. 

Guarantee For Your Charter 

The owner of a yacht will always be cheaper than the broker, because the broker will never work for free. The owner has the advantage.  

The fee to the owner for the charter ensures that you have booked a boat. Paying a broker, there is no guarantee that the yacht is booked.  

As a rule, brokers do not have a license and are not responsible.  Owners do, and will send you a contract that is responsible for your charter. All these factors suggest that you get a guarantee for your charter, for your celebration. It is important that your holiday takes place. There is a huge advantage here. 

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