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Water toys on a yacht in Miami

Our yacht "Aristocrat" 60 ft Prestige Flybridge is rented for your parties in Miami. The price of our yacht includes: a professional stewardess, a licensed captain, fuel, water, ice, LED panel, high-quality speakers and water toys.
Water toys play a huge role when booking a yacht. They will add color to your party. What toys are included in the price of our yacht:

Paddle board on a yacht in Miami

This is a new and very versatile sport that has gained unprecedented popularity around the world in recent years. Paddle board is often included in the set of equipment on the yacht, and this moment will be the starting point for your love for this sport. It's not only a lot of fun, but also useful.
Our customers really love this toy on our yacht. No charter is left without attention to paddle board. You can swim on it sitting with your girlfriend or friend, you can swim alone. It's very interesting, fun and exciting.





Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Water mattress on a yacht in Miami

We offer you a water mattress for your party. We have it in blue, it can accommodate up to 13 people. That is, you can relax with your whole big company on this water mattress. You can sit, lie, dance, swim and more on it. Often our clients like to sit on it with a glass of alcohol and have a great time.
Girls at their hen parties love to dance on it. The water mattress is tied to the yacht, which allows you to enjoy your vacation right on it and have a conversation with your friends on the yacht.
Our water mattress is comfortable, soft. If you don't want to swim, you can go down from the yacht on this mattress and have fun.


Underwater Scooter when renting a yacht in Miami

We recently purchased a toy for your vacation, this is an underwater scooter. Underwater scooters are fast becoming hot property in the diving world, helping the diver gain some momentum underwater and ultimately providing the diver with a more immersive experience. An additional benefit for the diver is that the underwater scooter helps you go further and explore more of the ocean by pulling you through the water and requiring you to swim less, therefore saving your energy and helping you consume less air as you use less energy.
Besides being a great tool for the experienced and professional diver to help them explore the deeper depths of the ocean, an underwater scooter can also be fantastic for beginners and novice divers, allowing you to experience a gentle introduction to the sport.
It is also possible to install your camera on this underwater scooter and capture the underwater world with it.


Water jet ski when renting a yacht in Miami

For an additional fee, you can rent a jet ski for your party. Every time we stop at the san bar, where you have the opportunity to swim, swim, dive, dance, join with another yacht and more. Jet skis are rented in this place, which must be booked in advance. We will help you with this, when renting a yacht in Miami, let us know about your desire to book a jet ski, we will adjust you in time.
The cost of renting a jet ski is $150 per hour. All of the above toys are already included in the price of the yacht, and the jet ski is booked for an additional fee.
This is a great way to spend a wonderful time on a yacht.

To order a jet ski, you must be 31 years old. If you are under the age of 31, you will need to take a drug test. The cost of the test is $120. To order, you will need an identity card or passport. Once you’ve passed the test, our instructor will show you to places where you can drive fast, more than 5 miles per hour! 

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