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Why are yachts so much expensive to buy nowadays?


The engineering of a modern yacht is no simpler than the construction of an airliner. It brings together hundreds of technological inventions for safety, handling, speed, beauty, and comfort. When a new yacht is being developed, they first create a 1: 1 (life-size) layout, and a team of engineers and designers checks everything: how all the doors open and close, the windows of panoramic windows work, the underwater wing system is functioning, the cruise mode, is it good yachts control behavior, etc. Yacht builders have no secondary tasks. They are equally concerned with the fact that the "smart" night lamp by the bed lights up on the movement of the hand, and that when switching to cruising speed the yacht does not lose close contact with the water.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950


Yacht engineers are one-off specialists, on whose qualifications the success of the entire project depends. According to Michael Bremen, Sales Director of the German shipyard Lurssen, there are only 10-15 designers in the world who collaborate with the main shipyards, and a few more emerging talents whose names are not yet so widely known. A yacht designer is an artist and a designer rolled into one, almost Leonardo Da Vinci. The price of such a specialist is very high. The cost of the work of interior and exterior designers of super-, mega-yachts, semi-custom (Espen Oino, Tim Heywood, Andrew Winch, Terence Dislade, Alberto Pinto, Bernard Olesinski, etc.) and their teams can reach from 1.5% to 10% of the cost of the yacht.

Shipbuilding is a science-intensive field since the yacht hull is exposed to serious dynamic loads. A shipbuilder's mistake can lead to the fact that the hull will simply crack due to the strong wave. Also, the engineer must ensure that the yacht meets all modern requirements for handling, speed, and reliability of navigation systems. Educational institutions that would put on a stream the training of specialists in yachts simply do not exist.

Bureaus such as Bernard Olesinski Design become institutions of higher education that create high-class specialists in the field of yacht design from talented designers. With the help of competitions, they conduct professional selection among talented, experienced designers, then work with them and bring them to the world level.<