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Yacht insurance

Full Yacht Safety Assurance 

The owner of a yacht, before going to sea, carries out a number of preparatory works. Things like the preliminary laying of the route, study of meteorological and hydrological conditions in the navigation area, and many other things. 

The purpose of all these measures is to ensure the maximum safety of the vessel and crew during sea passage. But the sea is an unpredictable element, as you know, and can present many unpleasant surprises, even to the most experienced crew. In order to minimize possible damage, our yacht is insured for this sole reason. 

Yacht Insurance

To get a BTR permit, our commercial charter must have insurance of $3 million. When choosing a company, make sure they are indeed insured, as a yacht trip is a high-security trip. We’ve invested our own money into the safety of your trip so that you can always get refunds from emergencies. 

Unforeseen Situations When Renting A Yacht 

Emergency situations that may force the crew to leave the yacht include: 

  • Fire 

  • Emergency intake of seawater, or damage to the hull, because of collision with another vessel, a floating object etc. 

  • Becoming Stranded 

  • Complete overturning due to a large wave (overkill);  

  • Damage to the technological openings below the waterline. 

Since our company has insurance, we will be able to compensate for damages caused in an emergency.​ 

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