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Rent a yacht without commission

Information for yacht owners

Now it is very popular in the market to add your yachts to various catalogs with boats, so your yacht can be noticed on various websites and contacted with you! This is very convenient. There are various catalogs, but, basically, they charge a commission for placement everywhere. Let's say that renting your yacht from you for 4 hours costs $ 2550, then placing it on any catalog, the cost of your yacht may be completely different.
Each catalog has its own placement requirements, someone requests documents confirming the size of the yacht and the year of manufacture, someone does not ask. But there are some criteria that are present in almost all catalogs.

Placement of the yacht in the catalog without commissions

If you are the owner of a yacht, you can contact us by phone number: +1(754)465 4857 or write to us by email: in order to submit a request to place your yacht with us WITHOUT COMMISSIONS!
You are required to do the following:

  • photos of the yacht from 6 pieces;

  • rental price for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours;

  • what is the cost of the deposit;

  • what is included in the price of the yacht,

  • how many guests are allowed to invite;

  • your contact number and email;

  • your location.

What does the placement of your yacht in various catalogs give you?

It is very difficult to promote your website where you provide your yacht for rent. There are strong competitors in the market, which are difficult to displace. Therefore, a good way would be to place your boat in their catalogs, where customers will notice you and book. There are a lot of such catalogs, as well as websites, it will not be superfluous if your yacht flashes in some catalog from where booking calls will come.

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