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Boat tour miami beach

How long is the Miami Beach route?

When booking a charter, you need to take into account how many hours you want to book. Different owners and brokers have already set a price for a certain period. We have charters for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours, and there is also a well-thought-out route.
It should be borne in mind that when booking a yacht for 4 hours, we will not be able to show you all the islands and spend enough time on the Sun bar, where people can order a jet ski, buy and dive.
The best option is a charter for 4 hours, during which time you will have time to look at such islands as: Star island, Flagler memorial island, Hibiscus island, Di lido island, San Marino island, San Marco island, Biscayne island, Fisher island.
We also stop at San Bar, where you can pre-order a jet ski, usually rented for an hour, its cost is $ 150. It makes no sense to rent anymore, because the stop at the san bar is only 2 hours.
We always take into account the wishes of our guests, so we know the places where you can attach 2 boats together. This is often done at a bachelorette and bachelor party, and have fun together.

How much is a boat ride in Miami?

Before booking a yacht and planning a party on it, it is worth clarifying how much the charter and the yacht trip itself cost. After all, it is already worth starting from this further.
Each broker and owner puts their own value, it depends primarily on the size of the yacht. There are yachts 40 ft, 50 ft, 55 ft, 60 ft and more, respectively, the smaller the yacht, the fewer guests you can invite. Yachts up to 55 ft are allowed to allow no more than 8 people on board, starting from 55 ft and more up to 13 people. This law applies in Florida and only to luxury yachts!
When you have figured out the size of the yacht, it is necessary to take into account the year of production, because newer luxury yachts are more expensive.
Pay attention to whether the yacht has calculated for the party. Many owners do not allow parties, drinking alcohol and other things on their yacht. They are afraid for the interior.
Our yacht of 2016, with an updated design in 2021, luxury 60 ft, is designed for parties. Moreover, we provide water toys, allow you to take your alcohol and food on board. We have speakers with which you can listen to music efficiently and throughout the yacht.
The cost of a charter for 4 hours is $ 2550, for 6 hours - $ 2950, for 8 hours - $3250.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550