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New cushions on a yacht 

Renovated outside cushions on a yacht

When booking and choosing a yacht for your event, pay close attention to the condition of the cushions on the yacht. Few owners update their cushions, especially if these yachts are with brokers and are intended for charters. When choosing, you can only see the picture, but in what condition and how the yacht and cushions actually look like, unfortunately, you can only see during your charter. Those people who are not booking a yacht for the first time are already paying attention to such things so as not to be disappointed.
Always pay attention not only to the condition of the yacht, but also to the cushions. Being on your charter, you will be outside most of the time, namely 95%, and this is just the same on cushions. You will be there to sunbathe, sit, dance, come into contact with them., therefore, pay great attention to this particular detail during the booking of the yacht. As a rule, no one is inside the yacht, you spend all your time outside on cushions. This fact is very important so that your vacation is not spoiled.

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How much does it cost to change cushions on a yacht in Miami

We take care of our customers, we try to improve the yacht and listen to your comments, once, we have already purchased speakers for the yacht, with the help of which our customers can now enjoy high-quality music on the entire yacht, and it is huge and has several zones.
Many yacht owners do not change these cushions and use such yachts for charters. It is very expensive and long to change cushions, the cost of which is about $ 20,000, and for any other company it is better for the client to come, roll back and leave, and not come again. And our business strategy is to make sure that our customers come back to us. 50% of our customers come back to us again, believe me, and after our charter, you will want to return to our yacht again.
That's why we spent $20,000 to upgrade the cushions, and you felt comfortable. We want to make our service as convenient and comfortable as possible for you.
Not to mention hygiene and comfort, also a huge plus of beautiful, clean and new cushions are your photos. We provide Drone Gay, which will shoot your charter for the entire time, and then we will provide you with these photos. I would not really like to spoil the photo with old and ugly cushions on a yacht. You can personally make sure that all our customers remain happy after the charter by looking at our photos.




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