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Labor day on a yacht

The concept of Labor Day

Labor Day is an unofficial sign of the end of summer and the last big holiday before Thanksgiving, so you should have as much fun as possible. A backyard barbecue will not be enough for you to withstand almost three months of hard work. There is no better place to enjoy the weekend than Miami, a wonderful city that never misses the festive events. Even if yachting enthusiasts leave the interior of the country, they will enjoy the Magical City and find many activities on the coast. Below are the main tasks that you need to complete during Labor Day in Miami to rent a yacht.

Ideas for celebrating Labor Day on a yacht

Surely everyone who books a yacht is wondering what to do during the holiday on it? Don't worry! We will give you an answer to this. We have our own program of excursions in Miami, and you can also:

  • We stop for 2 hours at the sun bar in the Marine Stadium area, where you have the opportunity to swim and dive from the deck of the yacht. Our range of services includes a water mattress, which has become an integral part of a cruise in Miami.

  • You can book a Jet Ski in advance, when stopping at sanbar you will have the opportunity to ride on this transport and feel an incredible range of emotions.

  • Through us, you can book a table in one of the most famous restaurants in Miami. We will take you there in time, and also pick you up.

  • Our yacht has 2 speakers in the front, which allow you to listen to your favorite music qualitatively throughout the charter, it creates a festive atmosphere and encourages you to go out dancing.

  • We have a huge flybridge, which can comfortably accommodate up to 13 people. It has several zones where you can dance, have lunch, drink, and sunbathe and much more.




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