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Licensed captain on a yacht in Miami

Who can be a captain on a yacht in Miami?

Not everyone can manage a yacht, in order for you to be allowed to manage, you need to comply with the following rules:

  • Have a boating experience. The first step to becoming a captain of any vessel is to gain experience-either on your own boat or as a crew member on someone else's. You do not have to be a paid crew member to count your sea time in your credentials if you are on board a registered vessel and the owner is ready to confirm your time. In any case, it's best to accumulate crewing experience in your future industry before you get a license.

  • Taking the USCG Exam: Before you can get a captain's license, you need to take the USCG exam approved by the US Coast Guard. The exam includes the rules of ship management, navigation, seamanship and more. There are many courses that will help you prepare for the exam and pass it.

  • Preparation and submission of various documents to the Coast Guard. The package of such documents includes a medical examination, various marine forms, confirmation of registration for drug screening and more.

How do I get a captain's license and what requirements do I need to fulfill so that you can manage a yacht?

If you already have experience in managing a marine vessel, you have passed the exams, prepared the necessary documents, you need to get a license. Without it, no one will allow you to operate a yacht, and even more so, no owner will want his clients to be at risk if an unlicensed captain is driving.

  • You must be over 19 years old;

  • Watch at the helm. You need to gain 360 days of experience on the boat, of which 90 days must have been worked over the last 3 years;

  • Forms of marine services must be completed. Fill out your marine services forms and ask the owner or manager of the vessel to confirm your time. One day of naval service is equal to eight hours of work on board the ship - this does not include overtime. You can count on naval service from the age of 16 onwards. In all cases, you need your sea service period to be 90 days within the last three years;

  • Passed USCG Exam;

  • Medical examination;

  • Transport Worker Identification Card (TWIC);

  • Confirmation of registration for drug screening;

  • MMC Application Form;

  • Photo ID, proof of residence;

  • The oath of the U.S. Coast Guard.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

What are the duties of a captain during a yacht charter in Miami?

When booking a charter with us, the cost of renting a yacht already includes the captain. According to the bareboat charter, the client is obliged to choose a stewardess and a captain from the list of offers. We can tell you about each flight attendant, for example, what language she speaks and what work experience she has.
We want to make sure that you will have the best vacation, so we will recommend you the best options. When signing the contract, we will advise you, answer all your questions and offer the best options for a captain and a stewardess for your vacation. We are responsible for your safety and good mood. Feel free to count on us.
What functions does a licensed captain perform on a luxury yacht in Miami?

  • Monitors the route;

  • Parks the yacht, manages it, monitors safety;

  • If you have rented 2 yachts or want to have a party from another yacht, the captain will take you to a special place where 2 yachts will park nearby and you can have fun.

As a rule, the captain has an assistant - mate. Many people confuse him with a waiter and ask him to bring cocktails, clean up, etc. But mate is only an assistant captain who helps him park the yacht, tieing the fenders of the water mattress.

Where can you go on a yacht in Miami?

Especially for you, we have come up with a route that you will follow during your charter. It involves passing by famous islands, such as: Star island, Venetinal island, Fisher island, Dodge island and others.
We make a stop for 2 hours at the san bar, where you can swim, ride a jet ski, dive, join another yacht, play and much more.
Our clients sometimes rent a restaurant, then the route changes, and we coordinate it for you. In Miami Beach there are such famous restaurants as: Seaspace Brasserie & Lounge, Kiski on the river, American Social, etc.

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