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Miami Party Boat on Instagram

Where to look for a suitable boat for a party?

When planning your party, many are wondering: where to look for a suitable boat? I don't want to run into brokers who rent out old yachts, I don't want to run into trouble during a charter, etc. But what to do?
As a rule, the first thing they find out from friends is whether they have rented a yacht and share contacts. If there are no acquaintances, you can search in Google or Google maps. But the most common way now is Instagram.

Choosing a yacht for a party in Miami on Instagram

There are many different companies on Instagram who rent out a yacht. But, as a rule, most of them are brokers. How to understand this and what are the differences?
Brokers put a lot of boats on their account, of different sizes, different models and years. The choice is always huge. But you may not know all the nuances, often yachts turn out to be old, break down during a charter, and the biggest difference is that the cost of the yacht is several times higher. Some part goes to the owner, some to the broker, and also goes to costs.
The owner has only one yacht in his profile, various videos and photos from charters. The owners are more flexible in pricing and make concessions to you in many ways. They may shift some dates and free up yours for you. You can negotiate a lot with them, and they will do everything to ensure that your charter is successful and you are not upset by anything.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

How to Choose the Appropriate Party Boat?

Before renting a yacht in Miami for a party boat, discuss and get confirmed with the owner or broker whether it is suitable for this event or not. It must get checked because not all owners and brokers allow parties on their yacht. It happens as you will drink, dance, have fun that can harm the yacht platform. Our yacht is suitable to rent for parties or any of your holidays. We will provide examples below of how to choose the right one for a party boat.

While Choosing a Boat for Parties, Pay Attention to the Location

Our company is located near the Marina Stadium that is an absolute advantage while renting a yacht for a party boat. If, for example, you choose one with a location on the Miami River or Haulover Park, it is far enough away from famous islands and beautiful sights. The best place is the Marina Stadium, where you will see majestic skyscrapers. It is an open space that will allow you to turn on loud music, dance, and have fun. If the owner or broker has a yacht in the Miami River or from any private pier, you will have to get at least half an hour away to a place where you can turn on loud music, dance, and relish yourselves. Besides, imagine if you rent a yacht for 4 hours, you will dissipate an hour or more just in the way there and back. So, pay attention to where the boat actually gets located.

pary boat miami
party boat miami
party boat miami

Alcoholic drinks on a party boat

Before renting a yacht for a party, check with the owner or broker whether it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages on the yacht, as many of them prohibit it. They do this so that you don't mess up the yacht's platform. However, your mood and rest are crucial for us. Therefore, we allow you to bring alcoholic beverages with you, except red wine. We want you to enjoy your party to the fullest and remember it for quite a long time

When should I book a charter?

If you have already decided on a boat for your party, be sure to book no earlier than 2 months. If your holiday is on the weekend, it is better to contact the owner or broker 2-3 months in advance. In this case, your date may be free. If you have the opportunity to call or write earlier, do so.

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How many people can I invite to the yacht?

In Florida, there is a law that obliges luxury yachts to allow no more than 13 people on board. Therefore, you should think in advance about who you would like to see on your holiday.
If you plan to invite more people, then we suggest you book 2 yachts, which we can combine on the Sun Bar, where you can have fun.

How much does a luxury yacht charter in Miami cost?

If you book a yacht with us, the price list is as follows:

 Monday - Thursday:

4 hours- $ 2300;

6 hours - $ 2700;

8 hours - $ 3100;

 Friday- Sunday:

4 hours- $ 2550;

6 hours - $ 2950 ( For 6 hours on Friday- Sunday) we can start charter only at 10 am or 4pm).

Also, during the charter, many use the services of a jet ski. Its cost is $150 per hour. You need to book it in advance, you can do it through us.

Take into account the costs of catering, decorator (if necessary), details for the contest and more.

We provide photos and videos for free if there are no more than 13 people on board.

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