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Corporate Yacht Charters Miami

Corporate Event Planning in Miami 

When organizing a corporate party, you think about all the options for the event. Someone chooses a restaurant, bar, outdoor recreation, and someone prefers to rest on a luxury luxury yacht. Corporate holidays allow colleagues to get closer, get to know each other better, it really unites the team. The main thing is to correctly determine the venue of the corporate party. It depends on how your vacation will go.

Corporate entertainment on the water is what we do best, and our corporate yacht charter specialists are ready to help you create the perfect corporate event in South Florida on the water.

Corporate Event on a yacht

There is nothing more memorable than an event held on a private luxury yacht, complete with attentive crew, catering and outstanding event facilities. During a corporate yacht charter, meetings are more productive and creative, customers feel appreciated, and employees feel truly rewarded.

Our yacht has high-quality speakers, an LED panel, we provide a water mattress, a rowing board, water, ice, a captain and a stewardess for free.

Our yacht is aimed at ensuring that you can have a great rest with friends and colleagues. We listen to our guests every time and improve the yacht. We have added high-quality speakers that play music throughout the yacht and you will be able to enjoy the same song with your colleagues while on different floors.

The yacht Aristocrat is huge, divided into several zones, has cabins with bedrooms, a dining area with a kitchen and a huge flybridge, where you can also drink, sunbathe, lie down, dance and more.




Best Deal

4 hours


6 hours

$ 2,950

Catering for a corporate event on a boat

At a corporate party, you can't do without snacks, alcoholic cocktails and food. This should be taken care of in advance, there are several options for how you and your colleagues can arrange a dining table. You can directly use the catering service, there are certain companies that provide food and cook it right on the yacht. We have worked with some such companies and can gladly share their contacts with you, they are proven people who have never pleased our customers.
You can also use grocery stores, buy all the necessary drinks, food, and our professional stewardess, who has a set of bartending tools, will prepare delicious cocktails for you.

Functions of a stewardess on a yacht during a corporate event

There will be a professional stewardess on board with you, which you will need to choose before the charter. She will become your main assistant at the corporate party. She will help set the table, clean up after you, prepare professional cocktails, she is also the captain's assistant, helps him park.
The stewardess will always tell you and help you, she will not interfere, but on the contrary will facilitate your rest.

Corporate event

Speakers on a yacht corporate event

Make sure that the yacht has speakers. This is necessary when booking a yacht on a yacht for parties. If they already have speakers, you don't need to take portable speakers with you, which greatly complicates your vacation. There are not always sockets and other power sources on the yacht, and if you run out of a speaker, you will be left without music. What is a party without music? You should also take into account that the yachts are large and divided into several zones, and now let's assume that if different music is played in each zone, this will create a connection between inconsistent sound streams. If you want your vacation to be as wonderful as the guys from our videos, we advise you to book a yacht with speakers only.

A platform for a DJ on a corporate event

We have a platform where you can place a DJ. There are double seats for him: on the flybridge, so as not to interfere with dancing, also downstairs. DJ in an open area is mega cool. You can dance, listen to music, and have fun. There is a lot of space for everyone. There must be a space to place DJ equipment in different zones. He will choose where it will be more convenient for him. We have Bluetooth, a boss system. There is a power supply and a cable that can get carried to the flybridge

DJI 0374.MP4.00 02 24 21.Still007.jpg

How many guests can I invite to the yacht?

According to the law of Florida, regardless of the size of the yacht, it is allowed to accommodate 13 people. There are yachts that allow you to accommodate more, but they do not correspond to the luxury class, you will have to stand or sit, they belong to the excursion. Yachts that can accommodate more than 13 people in Florida are subject to such strict rules that it is structurally impossible to remake it, it will no longer be a luxury. Therefore, it does not matter what size the yacht is, even if it is 125 fit, you can accommodate a maximum of 13 people and the same number of guests can be accommodated on 25 fit. Therefore, when choosing a yacht, it is necessary to take into account not its size, but the internal condition: the old or new interior.
New yachts are considered from 2013-2014 and depend on the conditions in which the yacht was operated for the entire period from the moment of its release, so our 60-fit yacht has 6 zones where guests can stay.

  • Frontline yachts. It has pillows and 2 isolated zones that can accommodate 5 people:

  • An area where 2 people can sit;

  • 3 people lie under the canopy.

  • The Flybridge zone includes 2 zones: one with pillows where you can sit and sunbathe, the second includes a space for dancing( dance floor), a table and a sofa that can accommodate 8 people.

  • Outside on the ground floor, there can accommodate 5 people at a table and on a sofa.

  • Saloon room – an air-conditioned area that comfortably accommodates 9-10 people, plus there is a kitchen.

Thus, it does not make sense to rent a yacht of more than 60 fit, because a yacht of 60 fit allows you to accommodate more than 20 people according to the factory characteristics, but according to the law, only 13 are allowed.

If you have more than 13 people at a corporate party and you want to spend time with a large number of guests, in this case 2 yachts are rented, we can provide you with this service.
When we pass the sunny strip in the area of the Marine Stadium where you will swim, we will park 2 yachts together, and you will be able to see your colleagues on one of the two yachts and spend time with everyone, more than 13 people. You can also arrange a dance event, who will dance whom, this is a popular idea when holding a corporate party. If you have up to 12 people on one of our yachts, we can invite a drone Guy to shoot your party for free, as a gift.

Alcoholic drinks on a corporate event

Before renting a yacht for a corporate event, acknowledge with the owner or broker whether it is possible to bring alcoholic beverages to the yacht as many of them prohibit it. They do it so that you do not spoil the yacht platform. However, your mood and holiday are crucial to us. Therefore, we allow you to bring any alcoholic beverages except red wine. We want you to enjoy your party to the fullest and reminisce it for quite a long period as well

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