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Engagement on a yacht

Engagement concept

An engagement is when a man makes his girlfriend a bride and they are preparing for a wedding ceremony to move into the status of husband and wife. An engagement is when a man makes a marriage proposal to his girlfriend. If you think about the essence of the rites that are taking place, then a simple and understandable difference becomes obvious: an engagement is the transition of a girl to the status of a bride, and a wedding is the transformation of a bride into a wife. The same applies to men. In addition, the engagement is a ritual action, beautiful, but optional and, in fact, does not oblige any of the partners to anything. This is an opportunity to test your feelings and prepare for the upcoming wedding celebration. A wedding is an official event accompanied by legal registration of the relationship. A well-documented cell of society is formed, the spouses have responsibilities towards each other and future offspring, responsibility for the happiness and prosperity of the family. An engagement is a natural precursor to the official registration of a marriage and a wedding celebration.

Engagement Ideas

There are many options for getting engaged. A man always wants to especially present his girlfriend with a ring and make her his bride. Someone presents it simply, in private, someone comes up with incredible conditions, invites all relatives and friends, arranges a surprise. A very common idea for an engagement is to rent a yacht.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

Engagement on a yacht in Miami

Getting engaged on a yacht in Miami is the best solution! Organizing your engagement celebration on a luxury yacht is the best place to share your excitement with your extended family and friends, as this creates excellent conditions for them to meet and have a good relationship with each other.

In order for your engagement to go perfectly, when booking our yacht, we provide you with a professional stewardess who is included in the booking price and take care of your children. In addition to the fact that she will allow you to enjoy your vacation to the fullest while your baby is playing in a specially designated room, she knows how to prepare professional drinks, because she has a bartender's kit, will help you order a Jet Ski, during the engagement she will be able to set the table for you and prepare drinks.

In addition to the stewardess, there are 2 speakers on our yacht that allow you to turn on high-quality romantic music for you.

We will take care of your cruise from the very beginning, we will help you to organize everything in the best possible way. This trip will be remembered by you for the rest of your life.

There is nothing better to enjoy Miami from the water, watching the world-famous islands, incredible views of Miami, Dodge Island, Fisher Island, Venetian Islands and others.

How many guests can I invite to the yacht?

According to the law of Florida, regardless of the size of the yacht, it is allowed to accommodate 13 people. There are yachts that allow you to accommodate more, but they do not correspond to the luxury class, you will have to stand or sit, they belong to the excursion. Yachts that can accommodate more than 13 people in Florida are subject to such strict rules that it is structurally impossible to remake it, it will no longer be a luxury. Therefore, it does not matter what size the yacht is, even if it is 125 fit, you can accommodate a maximum of 13 people and the same number of guests can be accommodated on 25 fit. Therefore, when choosing a yacht, it is necessary to take into account not its size, but the internal condition: the old or new interior.
New yachts are considered from 2013-2014 and depend on the conditions in which the yacht was operated for the entire period from the moment of its release, so our 60-fit yacht has 6 zones where guests can stay.

  • Frontline yachts. It has pillows and 2 isolated zones that can accommodate 5 people:

  • An area where 2 people can sit;

  • 3 people lie under the canopy.

  • The Flybridge zone includes 2 zones: one with pillows where you can sit and sunbathe, the second includes a space for dancing( dance floor), a table and a sofa that can accommodate 8 people.

  • Outside on the ground floor, there can accommodate 5 people at a table and on a sofa.

  • Saloon room – an air-conditioned area that comfortably accommodates 9-10 people, plus there is a kitchen.

Thus, it does not make sense to rent a yacht of more than 60 fit, because a yacht of 60 fit allows you to accommodate more than 20 people according to the factory characteristics, but according to the law, only 13 are allowed.
If you have more than 13 people on an engagement and you want to spend time with a large number of guests, in this case 2 yachts are rented, we can provide you with this service.
When we pass the sunbar in the Marine Stadium area, where you will swim, we will park 2 yachts together, and you will be able to see your friends on one of the two yachts and spend time together with everyone, more than 13 people. If you have up to 12 people on one of our yachts, we can invite the Drone Guy to shoot your party for free, as a gift.

Where can I go on an engagement yacht

Many people are wondering if it is possible to go on a yacht with your food? This is allowed here, you can take your own food and drinks, except for red wine. But also many people book a table in one of the famous restaurants in Miami, such as: Kiski on the River, Sea spice Brasserie & Lounge, American Social and others. We are also going on a cruise along Miami Beach with you, what can you see there? The most famous islands around the world, such as:

  • Star Island;

  • Venetian Island;

  • Dodge Island;

  • Fisher Island and others

Imagine that you and your beloved girlfriend are going through the evening Miami, watching incredible views, our stewardess pours you champagne, our LED panel depicts an inscription that you will say in advance, on which anything can be written, our speakers will make high-quality music, you can order catering, chefs will cook for you right on the yacht.​

Our services during the engagement on the yacht

We offer our guests champagne, delicious food and other entertainment when booking a yacht for the engagement. If you wish, you can order water toys.

Our trained staff will make sure that you and your guests have a great time on board our yacht in Miami. We will take care of all the details of the trip, including the menu, service and decoration, so that you are free from stress and can enjoy your special day in silence and surrounded by your loved ones.

The engagement is a very important holiday, which I would like to celebrate especially. By renting the yacht "Aristocrat", you will be able to share unforgettable impressions with your loved one. In addition to the engagement, we also provide services for booking a yacht for a bachelorette party, bachelor party, birthday and other holidays.

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