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Miami yacht party

What is a Miami yacht party?

Before booking a boat for your party, check with the owner or broker if it is suitable for parties. Not all boats are rented out for your holiday. Many owners do not want to spoil the yacht's interior and therefore do not organize events on the yacht.
By what criteria should I choose a boat for a party?
1. Speakers on a yacht;
2. Flybridge;
3. Is there a platform for a DJ;
4. Is there an LED panel;
5. Do they provide high-quality video shooting;
6. Is alcohol allowed?
7. Are water toys provided?

How much does a Miami yacht party cost?

The cost of renting a yacht for a party varies from $2,300 to absolutely any. It is worth considering how many hours you book a yacht, on what day of the week, as a rule, it is cheaper to rent a yacht on weekdays and what is included in the cost of renting a yacht.
It is rare where catering is included in the cost of booking a boat for parties, so you should take care of it in advance, on average for 13 people, you will cost $ 90 per person.
If you have a theme party and you would like to use the services of a decorator, then everyone needs to chip in for $30, considering that there are 13 of you.
A jet ski rental is also available, where the cost per hour is $ 150.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

What to take with you to a Miami yacht party 

If you are going to a yacht for your party, be sure to take the following with you:
1. Comfortable shoes (you can take beautiful shoes with you for a photo, but it is better to move around the yacht in comfortable shoes, and so that it does not slip)
2. Sunglasses and cream;
3. If you are going on an evening or night charter, take something with you

Catering at a yacht party in Miami

While planning a party, many people wonder how things are going with catering on a yacht? Does the rental price include catering for your party? Each yacht provides its own services, someone has catering included in the rental price, someone does not, as a rule, catering is not included on luxury yachts. Therefore, you should take care in advance of what you will eat and drink.
You can book a table in a restaurant, in Miami Beach there are famous restaurants that can serve you right on the yacht. You can also use catering services, the company that provides services will cook on the yacht. You can discuss the cuisine and dishes with them in advance. We know several companies that we have worked with and will be happy to help you and give you contact information.
And the easiest and more budget-friendly way is to buy food and drinks at the store and bring everything you want to the yacht. Our stewardess has a bartender's kit and will be happy to prepare cocktails for you.

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Rent a jet ski to party on a yacht in Miami

This service is very popular when booking a yacht for a party. We always stop at the San Bar so that you can swim on a water mattress, dive, swim, and also order a jet ski.
The cost of a jet ski is $ 150 per hour. It is worth booking it in advance and arriving strictly on time, because, unfortunately, the demand for jet skis is huge and if you miss your time, then the rent is already for other people.
In order to book a jet ski, you need to contact us. We will book by a certain time and a certain number of hours.

High-quality video shooting on a yacht party Miami

A good party bot cannot function without high-quality video shooting. We will tell you how to produce a magnificent shooting. If you are up to 12 people, our Drone Guy and photographer can find zones for you for free and take free photos that will remain with you forever. It brings about an incredible emotion to receive pictures and videos with beautiful views and genuine reactions after your party. We love to facilitate guests with a spectacular holiday. Every time we listen to your feedback to improve our yacht for your holiday, it immensely appreciates us. We also offer discounts to returning clients who have already rented a boat and took a service from us.


When should I book a yacht for my party?

Usually a yacht is booked in a couple of months, some in six months. It all depends on what time of year you are still booking, summer is not the season, so there are more free seats for your event. At other times of the year, it is better to call 3 months in advance, especially if you are planning a party on the weekend.

How many guests can I invite to a luxury yacht?

In Florida, there is a law that obliges all luxury yachts to have no more than 13 people on board. No matter what size the yacht is, the law is for all luxury yachts.

What kind of party can I book a yacht for?

We will be happy to help you with the organization and provision of a yacht for any of your events. The most popular party on our yacht is a birthday party, then a bachelorette party. So, we provide a yacht for anniversary, wedding, graduation, mother's day, father's day, baby showers and others.

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