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Father's Day Yacht Cruise

Father's Day concept

Father's Day 2021 in the UK falls on Sunday, June 20, so it's time to think about gifts. On this day, children express all their love and respect to their father. Everyone strives to give Dad something special and thank him for everything. This is considered a family holiday, where the whole family gathers and arranges a home evening. Arrange a gift for your dad in the form of a yacht rental in Miami. These are incredible emotions for the whole family, and especially for him.

Father's Day on a yacht in Miami

Luxury yachts are one of the best ways to spend this day and possibly fulfill Dad's dream. According to the Florida law, luxury yachts can accommodate no more than 13 people, which allows you to invite your family to share these emotions. Our route is a trip past the most famous islands around the world, such as: Star Island, Venetian Island, Fisher Island, Dodge Island and others, where famous people live all over the world. And also a stop at the san bar, where you can order a Jet Ski and give Dad unforgettable emotions.
According to the factory specifications, our yacht is huge, has 6 zones on which up to 26 people can safely be accommodated, but according to the law, only 13 are allowed. There is a dance and dining area. Also, if you want to go on a cruise with a child, our stewardess will look after him, there are specially designated rooms on the yacht where the baby can be accommodated and watch cartoons.
You don't have to worry about how the charter will go, we will take care of it! You only need to call in advance and decide on what day and for how many hours you want to book a yacht.




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