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Night party boat Miami

How to choose a boat for a night charter?

It is worth paying attention to the fact that not all yachts go on a night charter, so if you decide that it is better to celebrate your party, prepare for the fact that the choice of yachts is much narrower.
Be sure to check the time of your reservation and the dates before booking. Also keep in mind that not all boats are suitable for a party. Many owners are sorry to spoil the yacht, and they are not allowed to drink, bring food with them, or do not fit the category of parties at all.
Therefore, when booking a night charter, which implies a party, pay attention to the company's working hours and its category.

Choose a yacht for a night party by location

Our company is located near the Marina Stadium that is an absolute advantage while renting a yacht for a party boat night. If, for example, you choose one with a location on the Miami River or Haulover Park, it is far enough away from famous islands and beautiful sights. The best place is the Marina Stadium, where you will see majestic skyscrapers. It is an open space that will allow you to turn on loud music, dance, and have fun. If the owner or broker has a yacht in the Miami River or from any private pier, you will have to get at least half an hour away to a place where you can turn on loud music, dance, and relish yourselves. Besides, imagine if you rent a yacht for 4 hours, you will dissipate an hour or more just in the way there and back. So, pay attention to where the boat actually gets located.




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