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Romantic on a yacht in Miami

What is a romantic on a yacht?

There is nothing more romantic than a romantic on a private boat in Miami, Florida, just with you and your spouse. Renting a boat in Miami is the best way to share romantic experiences that will leave you both with unforgettable memories. In fact, the most luxurious vacation in Miami is a yacht rental. There is so much romance there that renting a luxury boat in Miami offers opportunities such as renting a private yacht to enjoy lunch or dinner together.

Romantic on a yacht

This service is intended for couples who want to spend a romantic evening on a yacht. It is suitable both for couples who have been together for a long time and want to surprise their soulmate by arranging a romantic on a luxury yacht, and for those who have just met and want to get to know each other better by having lunch or dinner on a yacht. The cost of this service for 4 hours is $ 1000. It is advisable to book a yacht from 9 am to 11 pm, but it is possible both earlier and later. And also specify when we will be free.

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What is included in the price of the romantic yacht service?

The yacht does not follow our proposed route, it is moored at 300 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139 Pier G24, a stewardess will be on board with you, who will discuss you from beginning to end. We provide boat rental, stewardess, water, ice, LED panel with your name, taxes, fees, speakers, high-quality music, TV, air conditioning, 2 rooms, 3 floors and several areas for a romantic holiday. From our company we provide you with 2 bottles of Prosecco champagne, a shower and a bathroom are also included.


Stewardess on board in romantic on a yacht

As mentioned above, there will be a stewardess on board with you, who will serve you. Her duties include: cleaning up after you, pouring champagne, bringing food and much more. If you want to retire, the stewardess will go to the flybridge, where she will not disturb you. She looks after the yacht and the cleanliness.

Catering on a yacht during a romantic

Catering is not included in the yacht rental price, you need to take care of this in advance. You can use the Uber Eats or Grubhub service. Order your favorite cuisine and drinks from there, keep in mind, red wine is prohibited on our yacht. Everything will be delivered to you on time and at your rates. And our stewardess will serve you on board.

$ 1,000

How many people can I invite to a yacht in romantic?

When booking a yacht with us for charter, according to Florida law, up to 13 people can be accommodated on a luxury yacht, but when booking a yacht for romantic, we allow up to 6 people.
Let's say 3 guys, friends, can chip in up to $330 and invite their girls to a romantic dinner. We have enough areas for accommodation: 2 people can comfortably sleep on the flybridge, you will have an open view, under an umbrella, next to your girlfriend, evening Miami. There are also areas of the state room, on the ground floor of the room, behind and in front of the yacht


Is it possible to go on a yacht on the route to romantic?

In general, when booking a yacht for a romantic evening, the route is not included in the yacht rental price. But you can add another $1,550 to your $1,000 cost. Then we will show you our full itinerary, which includes many islands known all over the world, such as: Star Island, Venetian Island, Dodge Island, Fisher Island and others. We stop at the San bar, where you can ride Jet Ski, sunbathe, swim, swim and have a great time.

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