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How much is a boat ride in Miami?

How much is a boat ride in Florida?

Florida is extraordinary for its beauty and views. To rent a yacht in Florida is to see incredible islands such as: Star island, Fisher island, Dodge island, Venetian island and others. See the mansions of such famous people as: Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Will Smith, Matt Damon, Sylvester Stallone, Donald Pliner, Philip Frost and many others.
There are many yachts for rent in Florida, of different sizes, models, types to suit your taste. The cost of the charter depends on the size, time and date. Our Luxury yacht Prestige 60 ft Flybridge is designed for parties in Miami in Florida. The cost differs on weekdays and weekends. On weekdays we make a 10% discount for you!
From Monday to Thursday, the cost of a charter for 4 hours is $ 2295, for 6 hours - $ 2655, for 8 hours - $2925. From Friday to Sunday, the cost of a charter for 4 hours is $ 2550, for 6 hours - $2950, for 8 hours - $3250.
The price includes the following: yacht rental, captain, stewardess, LED panel, water toys, water, ice, fuel, deposit.

How much is a boat ride in Florida?

A cruise on order is a great way to spend a romantic evening! Not every broker or yacht owner provides a cruise at night or in the evening. We provide a yacht for rent 24/7, recently, night and evening charters have become popular.
You can rent a yacht for the anniversary. Luxury yacht, champagne, incredible views of Miami, very romantic for your anniversary. You can book a table in one of the famous restaurants and spend time together.




Best Deal

4 hours

$ 2550

6 hours

$ 2950

What do I need to rent a boat in Miami?

In order to rent a yacht, you need to initially decide on the yacht itself, the date and time. If it is a broker, ask him for the owner's contacts or contact the broker directly and book a charter. If the yacht is rented by the owner, the number and mail are always indicated on the website. Also on the website, the owners leave an application form where you can write your contact details, date and name of the party, they will definitely contact you.
When renting a yacht, you need to specify your phone number or email so that you can be contacted; specify the name of the holiday and the date. In order for your charter to be confirmed, you need to make a deposit of $500.

How much is it to rent a party boat in Miami?

Not every broker or owner provides a yacht specifically for a party. Many do not dare to allow a party, alcohol, dancing and more on their boat.
We are for you to have fun on your holiday! We allow with alcohol on board, we will help you with decorator and catering. Our yacht has speakers that allow you to listen to music throughout the yacht. We provide water and ice, and a stewardess will be on board with you, who will prepare you bartender cocktails.
The yacht rental price also includes water toys, an LED panel on which you can launch any congratulations, captain. We have updated the design of the boat so that you feel comfortable and don't worry about anything!
The cost of renting a yacht for a party is no different from an ordinary yacht designed for business trips. The cost varies depending on the size, date and time of the yacht reservation.
Charter for 4 hours - $2550, for 6 hours - $2950, for 8 hours - $3250.

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What to take with you on a yacht in Miami?

We offer both day and night charters. On any day of the week and at any time, we hold any holiday. Depending on this, it is already worth considering what to take with you on the boat.
We often hold hen parties, girls prepare various props for contests, decorations for the holiday and the same bathing suits.
If you are going on a day charter, then you should take care of sunscreen and glasses, comfortable shoes and swimwear. You can also take a hat and a towel.
If you are going on a night charter, do not forget to bring something warm with you.
The yacht rental price does not include catering service, so you should think about food and drinks in advance. This can be purchased in a store, use a company that provides a catering service, or book a restaurant.

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How to choose a suitable boat in Miami?

Most often, a boat is booked for a different event: a bachelorette party, birthday, anniversary and more. Therefore, when booking, be sure to check with the broker or the owner whether the boat is suitable for a party? If so, what should I pay attention to?
Be sure to pay attention to what year the yacht is, whether the design of the boat has been updated, whether there are speakers, whether the stewardess is included in the price, which route is intended, whether water toys are provided, whether there are areas where you can dance, install a DJ platform.
In order for you to have fun during your parties on our yacht, we have installed speakers, offers water toys, branded glasses. A stewardess and a captain will be on board with you, there is a rather huge yacht at your disposal, where there are several zones: a dance, a dining room, where you can sunbathe.

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